Gambling my life savings: A 1,000,000,000 gold gambling game for the NPCs of sanctuary

Latest results of the single-elimination gamble-to-the-death match between Gheed and Elzix:

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Elzix steals the win!!

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Sad that Alkor was eliminated.
(I'll just go pout over here in the corner.)
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!

After 76 grueling rounds of gambling.

Only one vendor could prove greediest...
Only one vendor could give only just enough to best his opponents...
And surely not one cent more!!

During the 76th round of gambling, in line with the long-established tradition of the tournament - 'i'll give just enough to qualify' this Tiara emerged:


Spectacularly mediocore indeed! But within the bounds of the rules of the tournament resulting in the coronation of the one, the only,

Our champion!

Elzix, Sultan of Sanctuary!

All hail the Sultan whose greed knows no limit!

Thank you to all for your dedicated following, your cheers and your support. And special thanks to Emilio for his un-ending patience in this what-felt-like-an-eternity lack of combat.

What does the future hold for this new Sultan of Sanctuary? Stay tuned, for the Battle has only begun...
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