Gambled a unique ammy!

tooie1 said:
Mahim-Oak Curio :rant:

You liar you did not! Ok, maybe you did, lol. Did you fall over when it happened? I think I've gambled about a billion and only in hell and not gotten even that.

Good for you! Congrats! :thumbsup:

Figures...If i ever got a unique ring or ammy it would either be a manald or a nokozan relic. I swear I have found about 20 nokozan relic's.
I gambled some magefists in an untwinked group a couple months ago, never had much luck with gambling other than that
I survived gambling a 25% maras earlier this ladder, was on softcore though :/ . Only reason I survived was probably the fact I couldn't believe my luck :D . Anyone got those odds?

Mara's and SoJ :surprise: last season.

Cathans ring this season.

MOC isn't that bad actually.... :thumbsup:
I only gamble ammy's as well....hell anya. Last ladder.....crap
This ladder: Even more crap:

2 Nokozan's, 4 or 5 Cathans and 1 angelic.

On a side note.....Have recieved some sweet +2 all skills rare ammy's this go around.
I was playing classic (too) last season and a friend decided to gamble blades so as to find a shard. I thought "Bah, that's pointless." He got in less than 10 attempts!
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