Fuuuuuu Fridaily


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Jun 9, 2005
Fuuuuuu Fridaily


[highlight]Happy birthday asdfgah! :wine:[/highlight]

Have a great one! Hope real life/cattlenet is doing you some good, but come back to the SPF soon. And giev perfect Lightning Ormus!


RL: Exhaustion finally got me. Slept at 6 or 7 pm yesterday - not sure which. Now I'm up at 4:30 am. Had some tea, took a shower, but no shave. Hopefully my sleep cycles get better before I turn into some zombie (not really looking forward to replacing TRM as the post-midnight North American poster :p).

D2: 20 hours of wake time today, if my math is right. I'm bound to do some amount of D2. :whistling: Hopefully I'll get to MP with some of them Europeans I never see.

OVG: Eternal Sonata. I feel like some now, but it feels like Canadian weather finally took a turn for the worse and my Ps2/360 is in the basement. Or maybe it's just my sleep centers telling me I need to go back to sleep.

Have a great day, everyone. :)
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Re: Fuuuuuu Fridaily

It`s a great day here. SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! It`s beautiful outside and not too cold. Time to start a snowballfight with some kids on my way home from work:)

RL: Yeah, work has to be done. Got an e-mail from the american embassy today, and my interview is going to happen in a couple of days. Good to get that thing over with:)

D2: Actually no. I think I`ll watch some movies instead. I have never watched "Scum", so I`ll do that. It`s a real cult classic, so it`s very strange I haven`t seen it yet.
Re: Fuuuuuu Fridaily

RL: Clear skies. No snow. Freezing cold. Sounds about right for a regular English winter day, except for the clear skies part :p.

edit: msn quote of the year
krizalllid says:
*i r t3h awsum
Ale says:
*no u
*oh wait
D2: I am maintaining my 2.5 hours a day streak and slowly but surely getting my necromancer towards patriarch.
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Re: Fuuuuuu Fridaily

Add a c and a k on the end and it does describe my Friday - hit a bloody concrete pole in the carpark at work.

As for D2, haven't played for a couple of days. As per usual, I ahve 6 different projects going at once, so hopefully one of them will get some progress before I hit the hay.
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omgwtf said:
not really looking forward to replacing TRM as the post-midnight North American poster :p

Someone's gotta do it! Zombies FTW! :crazyeyes: (actually, zombies creep me out really badly)

Happy b-day, asdf; I hope you see that you're missed. :wave:

@Jason: Hope everyone/thing is all right...

RL: Just finished my very last night at work. I'll be back at work at 8am Monday morning. ...this emoticon expresses my emotions about it. :rant:

Weather reports still say we're getting snow today. I moved from Maine to Texas to get away from the snow!! More of this. :rant: I have stuff beyond my apartment I'd really like to do today. While I'm no stranger to driving in snowy conditions, the rest of Texas isn't. So it's probably best if I stay in today. We'll see what the weather's like as the morning/day progresses.

And as stupid as it sounds, I'm still looking at used gaming computers on the Webbernet. There's one for $300 that was posted late last night, so I'll probably send the guy an email asking about how hard he taxed the machine. I'd really like to play some new games for my birthday.

D2: Nada for basically the entire week. My last stint was really short, too. Guess I'm just burnt out. The desire will return; it always does, right? :thumbup:

OVG: Xenosaga is a certainty today, especially if I don't leave my place.

Enjoy your Friday, SPF!
Re: Fuuuuuu Fridaily

It`s a great day here. SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!

Some kind of joke? :scratchchin:

@Jason: Glad to hear you're fine. Is the car completely totalled, or still in decent enough shape for a (probably expensive) fix?

For some reason, I'm getting the urge to quit Eternal Sonata and play Xenosaga again too. Damn TRM, he makes it sound so fun.

Re: Fuuuuuu Fridaily

RL: My sleep schedule is pretty messed up too. Woke up at 11pm "yesterday", which means it's bedtime in a few hours (currently 2 pm here). It'll be fine again in a few days though.

D2: Probably no more today, I've played enough. Or I'll do one LK run and find a Ber, we'll see.

OVG: lol wat
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RL: Last day of classes... full day of work. I'll write my final exams this evening, since a dozen or so students want to take it tomorrow. I'm a softy with that, since my school has one of the worst final exam schedules I think I can imagine.

D2: Sorc is a bit under-level for Hell, but she's doing fine. Killed Blood Raven and cleared the cave, or what ever it's called. Hydra wipes out everything in there but the Shamans and their troups, but orb makes quick work of them. I was able to clear the crypt and Mausoleum fine too. Think I'll do those areas a couple times for experience, and maybe find a nifty item or two. Still nothing really exciting out of Hell difficulty yet. I'd be happy with even a rare elite at this point.
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hit a bloody concrete pole in the carpark at work.

It's Tiger Woods !

Seriously though, it has been a while since i posted in a daily :) How are you all doing ? :wave:

Rl : Alot to do since my wife started working 100%. Now i am doing the house chores, and it goes very much against my oh so lazy nature. Still going to school, still working, still playing frisbee golf. Not much time for video games. Gotta get my wisdom tooth pulled, i am a bit scared of that. The last one i had pulled was a 4 hours nightmare of a operation. I'll definitly go to a different dentist this time.

D2 : Doing some HF rushing, but at the pace of a snail on valium. Usualy just some minutes before going to bed while watching a sitcom in widowed mode or something.

OVG : Torchlight, Battleforge, Trackmania. I dont have as much time as i would like to spend on any of those games. If anything, I log into Trackmania to see what happens on my server.

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It's asdfgah's birthday? Cool. Last I heard he was waiting for 1.13. Happy birthday!

RL: Been to a friends house, and he said he'd come over later.

D2: Cow runs.

OVG: Hmm...Portal?
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@Jason: Sorry to hear bout the car, glad to hear you're doing well enough to type!

RL: Happy to be missing the snow here. Still have the cold weather but no snow is a plus.

D2 Kill Meph Volume 1 is almost done, getting close to starting Kill Meph Volume 2.

OVg: Nope, frisbeed most of them.
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Hmm friday nice finally holiday only problems at work this week nothning works as it should. But only 1 hour left of slavery then it's time to head back home to my 2 cats. Cold as hell in sweden but no snow atm which is good.

Will prolly do some D2:ing when I come home, continue my untwinked TWD characters. My fireclaw druid will soon encounter Andariel. Then it's time for my frost zealot to start the adventure
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Forgive my ignorance but I thought Texas was mostly prairies and desert.

How on earth are you getting snow there? Global warming? :p
Re: Fuuuuuu Fridaily

As the resident Texas expert (I have a friend living in Spring, Texas), I feel like I can answer this.

Snow falls (very) occasionally. Usually, it leads to school being cancelled, and such.

You're welcome.
Re: Fuuuuuu Fridaily

I hope all is OK Jason, apart from the car.

As the resident Texas expert (I have a friend living in Spring, Texas), I feel like I can answer this.

Snow falls (very) occasionally. Usually, it leads to school being cancelled, and such.

You're welcome.

All glory to the TeachZ0rrZ.

RL: A slow day. Finally did all my chores, and made a few little surprises for the lady for Date Night. I think the 21st century equivalent of making a mixtape is just DLing a CD and burning it for them. No wait, that would be the 20th century equivalent. I guess the 21st century equivalent would be an iPod playlist? Ewww, I hate Apple. Anyway, we're going to see Paranormal Activity.

D2: Not today baby.

OVG: Max Payne! Normally I have one pet project game going and a couple of other games to distract me (Dragon Age: Origins, Modern Warfare 2 and Nation Red) but it's been Max Payne all the way. Got past the first drugs scene with ease. I'm just angry I have to play it on Easy to unlock Hard mode. What is this? Diablo II? I'm downloading a speedrun off the TRm-backed SDA to see if I can give the New York Minute difficulty a go, or just stick to Hard.

Re: Fuuuuuu Fridaily

As a 25+ year resident of Texas, I concur with Fabian: snow is very rare, and leads to school cancellations and multiple auto accidents.

And TX is definitely not all prairies and deserts: There is a huge Pine forest in the Eastern portion; swamps in the south east; mountains in the southwest; more mountains (albeit very old, and thus very short) in the sort-of center; plains/prairie in the north west and south; beaches (very dirty, with water that you shouldn't swim in or eat anything out of) in the south. Texas has pretty much everything: remember, TX is 268,000 square miles (~680,000 square km), so there's quite a variety of geography.

[/Texas geography rant]

And @TRM: I've personally seen snow in TX only about 4 times, so you really don't have much to worry about. And the most snow I've ever seen here is about 6 inches (and that was the Great Blizzard of 1980 or whatever: it usually snows less than an inch). The thing you have to watch out for is ice. Yuck. But the ice never lasts more than a day or two, so no worries there either.

RL: Woke up with some crazy hair (think Robert Smith, Cure, ca. 1990 or maybe Flock of Seagulls, ca. 1983), thought about taking a picture, didn't take a picture, made coffee.

Now: drinking coffee and foruming.

Upcoming: the usual, some work on the novel, some more preliminary work on the re-booted Graffiti project, food (x2), etc.

D2: *shrug*
Re: Fuuuuuu Fridaily

@kriz: Yeah, what JayGun said. I'm certainly no expert of Texas. I've only been here about two years, and I've left the greater Austin area TWICE. ...I don't get out much...

@JayGun: HaHAA, your hair descriptions were all very visually stunning. It was a pleasure to read, good sir. I don't think it'll be cold enough to ice over (except maybe the bridges) and they're just predicting flurries. But... Austinites flip out over this stuff. I may still go out later depending on something...

@FastE: I was glad you picked Max Payne. Great choice. And the SDA run by ridd3r is top-notch. His commentary for it is pretty darn good, but since it's not embedded into his video it's a bit of a pain. He's working on an improvement for NY Minute, too, so be sure to check back in a while.

RL Update: So, I contacted the guy with the computer. ...And when he said he only used it for Photoshop work, I basically told him I want it. So I'm hoping to hear back from him soon so I can go see it. Heck, it's only $300, my birthday's in four days, and I'll be getting absolutely nothing in terms of gifts, so... this is my own personal birthday present. Screw the monetary safety net. Who needs money?? Hate to count my chickens before they're hatched, but... hello Borderlands, Torchlight, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, GTA IV, Halo 3, Oblivion... and hopefully D3 in a couple years! Every game I've missed from the past five years will be at my fingertips!! Sorry, I'm ranting. And drooling all over myself. :crazyeyes:

edit: Oh, I forgot to say that I saw it snow her in Austin once last year. ...For about twenty minutes. If my GF didn't pull me outside, I never would have seen it. No crazy ice yet, though. THAT'LL be fun. I heard a little ice will shut down the city for two full days. Back home, a little ice is called Tuesday, and if the school bus ends up in a ditch you run the risk of it happening again on the way home, too.
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@asdfgah: Happy birthday!

@Jason: Glad to hear you're well!

@Texas snow massacre connection: I live in a part of the world where snow should be plenty, and still I was "WTF???!!111??" when it snowed today. But people here at least have snow tyres :p Fun thing about school cancelling: It's almost never because of snow/ice where I live, but mostly because of heat in the summer :D (which obviously isn't that impressive as compared to the heat in ... let's say: Texas...)

RL: Writing my dissertation. Later this evening: Partying, because today the last few fellow students had their final exams.

D2: None this week, but backed up my stashes and characters, because my laptop's HD makes strange noises...
Re: Fuuuuuu Fridaily

Great, my luck must suck re: Texas then. I've been down to TI in Dallas and (formerly) AMD in Austin 4 times in the last decade, and seen snow/ice twice. And TRM is right, Texans + snow + driving = yikes. I'm from Vermont, so I feel qualified to judge people driving in snow.

RL: Work, hoping I don't have to work this weekend. Bummed out I couldn't watch the Civil War last night. Good game too.

D2: Misclicked and lost my LK/Countess maps. Need to find new ones. Frenzy barb probably too.

OVG: May try to finish my epically huge Civ III game I've been playing for almost two weeks. Too much stuff to keep track of to play it for too long.
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