Furysin strat guide questions..


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Nov 28, 2004
Furysin strat guide questions..

HIya.. been a looong time D2 player but took quite a long break and am now once again getting interested in it. First timeplaying with the 1.10 as well...

I've become rather interested in the furysin build but I have some questions regarding the guide posted on this site here

1) It says to max fade and venom. I don't quite fully understand this as you can only have 1 active at a time correct? It also states in the assassin skill descriptions on this site that venom does transfer to thrown fury blades. As your main attacks are all ranged why would this need to be maxed? :scratch:

2) It states in this guide that certain item properties also do not transfer to your blades. One of them mentioned is "% chance to cast"
I'm only lvl 19 with my furysin and I'm using a claw that has a 5% chance to cast apmlify on striking. Sure enough every once in a while I really do get an amp on a monster from my blades. So.... is this statement in the guide wrong or is it only certain ones (like "spells" won't work but "curses" do)

Thanx in advance for any replies. :thumbsup:
1) Venom is unaffected by Burst of Speed and Fade. Where do people keep reading that Venom cannot be active with Burst of Speed or Fade? I want to write them and ***** them out! :lol: Venom adds a ton of poison damage to the blades that hit the enemies - why wouldn't you max it? It is about the only reliable source of damage for a furysin.

2) Hmm...not sure! I always noticed those working as well, but maybe I'm delusional! :lol:
sky, before 1.10, you couldn't have venom on at the same time as fade or BoS, so if this is his first time playing 1.10, he may not know that.
That would explain it! I know the manual that comes with the game says that you can't have Venom on at the same time as well, so I can't blame anyone (but it's not like anyone reads the manuals anyway).
Well I was going by the info here at purediablo.com in the assassin info page and strat guide. Usually they keep it up to date with patch changes.. I guess this stuff got skipped over.. (see below)

Just so I'm straight on this... I can pop up venom which will give me a timed poison on my weapon. I can then switch to Fade until the venom timer runs out? Also the blade fury satrs WILL transfer the poison damage now?

From the Blade Fury skill description:

a) They are not imbued with poison if she has cast Venom {Shadow Disciplines}.

b) ...however Blade of Fury can not leech

I guess that's been changed as well as blades do seem to leech now don't they?

From the Venom skill description:

a) This skill, Burst of Speed and Fade can not be active at the same time

And here's their list of 1.10 changes.

Shadow Disciplines

Venom - Fixed duration at 0.4 seconds regardless of poison items

Shadow Warrior - Increased the Life and resistances.

Traps Skills

Fire Blast - Added skill synergy bonuses.

Shock Web - Added skill synergy bonuses.

Charged Bolt Sentry - Added skill synergy bonuses.

Wake of Fire - Slight increase to Damage at higher levels. Added skill synergy bonuses.

Lightning Sentry - Added skill synergy bonuses.

Wake of Inferno - Added skill synergy bonuses.

Death Sentry - Added skill synergy bonuses.

As you can see there's no mention whatsoever of any changes to either skill as far as what's mentioned above :)
That's why I was so confused bout' this. :)
Thanx for the info guys.. this really helps a lot.
Yeah dude, trust me. Cast Venom and Fade at the same time, then let fly with the shurikens! :)
Throw on some Open Wounds gear, and you have a mean killer.
I've played one to about 78, so.. np np.

Venom and Fury work just fine at the same time. The only thing that'd make me happier about it is if they had the same duration, but Venom doesn't last as long later on - oh well. Start both, they stack, refresh Venom when ya see your weapon change back to it's normal color instead of green, or when you no longer see targets turning green briefly. (It can be kinda hard to see on the weapon really, easier to check target for green-ness.)

Yes it does work just fine with Blade Fury - just remember that it does all it's damage in less than a second. Monsters will blink green off and on briefly as each blade hits.

Simple really, items that have a chance to cast on ATTACK do not fire off. Items that have a chance to cast on STRIKING do fire off (When you hit successfuly of course only.) The difference should be pretty apparent there I think. Since your item has a chance to cast on striking - it works. If it said "5% chance to cast Amplify Damage on attacking" you'd be SOL.

Should be sorted now :)
boogityboy said:
Well I was going by the info here at purediablo.com in the assassin info page and strat guide.

The updates given there are merely release info from the Arreat Summit--I think often from before the release was even made. Where it's not outdated or outright wrong, it'll be short on details.

For the actual details, look at the pinned 1.1 FAQ updation at the top of the page. Inside you'll find a link to the official 1.1 FAQ, as well as material that hasn't been incorporated yet.
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