fury/rabies help


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Feb 26, 2005
fury/rabies help

So I cant' find the guide as its down and fury/rabies is the only pvp char i want to make. but theres alot im not sure on alot of things cause i want to get optimum performance

does the carrion bug still apply?or was that bug fixed cant remember.

and what do i look for a far as equip i got nig, but would bramble be better or even valor since ill have full dr% from ss and dungo and getting more vit seems to be better than 45 w/r and a teleport i cant use. or Coh?

whatnwould be better as far as rings n jewlerry angelics or 2xRavens (or carrion if it still applies) Hlords

and finally weapons i have about 13- 16 hrs to play around with but is a greif where its at or would a doom come more in handy or do i need something on switch ugh not sure.......

trangs gloves instead of dracs

Can I get some advice plz thnx
Re: fury/rabies help

Carrion Bug was fixed.

Armors are: Fort, Enigma, and Bramble. Don't stat around Enigma.

General Jewelry is: Highlord's + Ravens with Angelics in stash.

One handers: EBotDZ, Grief PB

Two Handers: EBotDGPA, Ethereal Tomb Reaver Cryptic Axe (40/15x2, Zod)

Trangs over Dracs
Re: fury/rabies help

for pub dueling the set up I use most is bramble armor trangs gloves jalals helm stormshield gore boots verdungos belt highlords ammy and 2 ravens with ebotdz with death web and a 20/20 shield on switch and only time I switch this set up is v castors then I put on forti and eth toomb I've tried botd gp and it's way to slow for me hope this helps
Re: fury/rabies help

what about doom instead of ebotd? it has a little less dmg +2 to skills and holy freeze
Re: fury/rabies help

and if i have a like a plague bearer on switch that leaves out cta so would a valor prove more effectibve than nig if im trying to life stack?
Re: fury/rabies help

Doom will be termed as bad mannered but v smiters I'm sure it would work and zons my pub Druid doesn't use bo has 6.2 k life without and that's useing 10 5/5 scs frw res I do well in pubs but I'm sure verash or any of the other Druids on here would wipe the floor with my poor little wolf ^^
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