funnest character?


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Nov 8, 2006
funnest character?

i am getting pretty bored with d2 and i was just wondering what people thought were the funnest characters to play and their type

and on a side note.... is barb skill find item any good? i never hear of ne one using it
well, I've been playing d2 since it began. I've taken a few long breaks in that time also. Since i've began playing again, i enjoy playing my windy druid most of all. I have some uber chars but this one just doesn't get old! He can solo any boss, play 8 player chaos games, and duel with most ppl! very versatile char! and a great mfer!
Not too bad. Your basic items and runewords will suffice. Heres my setup.

Mf set-up:

1. +3 nado delirium
2. nigma
3. 40% chancers
4. 50% travers
5. arach
6. 30% maras
7. 2 ist baba
8. 4 isted monarch

normal gear:

1. nice druid pelt
2. 40% hoto
3. frostburn or magefist
4. eth treks
5. arach
6. nigma
7. 30% maras
8.35% spirit monarch
9. +6 bo cta w/ 28% spirit on switch

** 9 x ele gc's, anni, and 20/18 dtorch

your gear doesn;t have to all be perfect or high %. I just posted mine as an example. i may have a few items if your wanna build one. I know I have a 30% hoto i can spare and some other gear. Let me know whatcha think!
once again thx for the info, i pretty much have everything i need... i think from other characters i just kinda move stuff around i manage to scrounge up pretty good. ive never built a druid (windy) that is and right now im playin a summoner which is pretty much like sleeping, so easy and no skill at all. i really appreciate the feedback and info on the build thx
imanoobersmiter said:
is barb skill find item any good? i never hear of ne one using it
Gold find barbs use it.

The funnest character for me is the bowazon. Something about a blond chick mowing down hordes of monsters with wave after wave of arrows....:scratch:
The two character builds I've had the most fun with are a Hydra/Orb sorceress, and a Stormyzon (20 points in Lightning Fury, 20 points in Plague Javelin, 20 points in Poison Javelin, 1 point in Freezing Arrow with a 6-PSapphire Long Battle Bow on switch, rest of the points in P&M tree). Both are very versatile, very safe, and very powerful characters, more than capable of killing pretty much anything in Hell (usually from a very safe distance).
I play necro only, and I did

125fcr Bone necro,
poison - summon necro (with trang oul set)
pure summoner,
pure summoner - melee.

the most fun was poison - summon necro (with trang oul set)
second most fun was pure summoner - melee.
third most fun was 125fcr Bone necro.

poison summoner give you good control and with trang oul, it give very varied damage method.

summoner melee was the ego feeder, a wrong step then deed, but mostly you can rely on summons to do the job.

both summoner are great when you are hungry, just leave them in an area and go and get a sandwich, come back the area will be cleared.

for the fcr bone necro, decap, clay and then blast Bone spirit at hell diablo was pure pleasure to watch.
Right now, I'm having a blast with my Frostmaiden. Plows through Hell Cows like a hot (cold) knife through butter. 4 completely different ways to dispatch things too (FA, GA, Strafe, Multi). Variety rules.

WW barb is... boring as heck. You've only got 1-2 skills to dispatch enemies with (WW and Conc/Zerk), and maybe some 'cries in there to soften them up.
I play hcl on east and after losing most of my hi lvl standard build chars to stupid mistakes(93 java, 91 blizz, 89 windy) i made some fun builds.
I use a PURE goldfind barb and he works wonders plus his merc has 1 hit killed 2x like lvl 7x druids who wanted to duel.

IK helm w/2x lem
Enigma Dusk
3WC 16DR ammy(i need to change it soon)
2x hoto(eth 38+31)
2x ali baba w/2x lem on switch
Up'd Goldwrap
2x dwarf stars
P chancies
Auldurs boots
18-17-7 anni
20-13 torch
a bunch of life charms
Merc- A5
Eth 181-6 Arreats(up'd Cham'd)
Eth Fort
Eth Last Wish CB

20 shout
20 bo
10 iron skin
10 nat res
20 find item
1 taunt
1 Bcry
Rest into Leap

i can run shenk/eldrich, pindle, trav, pit, andy and countess no problem usually and pretty quickly i just tele my merc in switch to babas and leap everything into submission. I have max res w/ hotos and 75-4x-4x-5x w/ babas. i have like 250-300(?) mf and 1600 gf. i've lvl'd myself solo in hc since lvl 75 and am now 89. my merc does 64xx-89xx dmg w/ might from lw and he taps everything himself pretty quickly. i belive i end up with 61xx life w/ charms and hes got like almost 5k.

After i gained some small wealth back from building him ect.. i made a Rift-A-Din via Intelligentx's guide on the pally forums. this is by far the most enjoyable build i've ever tried and its totally viable in HC. give it a look see if you havent already
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