Fun budget builds and using forgotten gear!


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Jun 4, 2015
I was perusing my stashes and was wondering if there are any fun builds that don't need the standard Enigma/CoH/CTA etc. I have lots of items and was hoping to make some builds based around them. I've made enough OP one shot builds; I'm mainly interested in using the majority of my gear that is just collecting virtual dust. Only priority is relatively safe builds but I'm open to trying some glass cannons too. After some Grim Dawn I'm more open to builds that can take a few minutes to kill end game bosses. Those 10 minute long boss fights are actually pretty fun, I think I've hurt myself in D2 by trying to get builds that can take down anything in sub 10 seconds.

Also, if you have any favorite neglected items feel free to recommend me some! ;)
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on top of my head...

- PDR builds (iron pelt/gerke's santuary/x of life everlasting gear)
- 200fcr barbs/sorcs (because highly unlikely you can reach this breakpoint with coh or enigma 😅)
- Martial Arts Assassin with no traps
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Try a tournament! :LOL: you can pilotnsome whacky builds on those and have to untilise gambling, imbuing, shopping etc.

If you don't want to play that way, you can still look in the tournament archive for a fun theme and adapt that for your play style.

Outside of tournaments I found it hard to stay away from power creep - why should I use Wall of the Eyeless if there is Spirit? Maybe you can try to choose 1-3 ser/unique items you think are cool and base a character around that? Kinemil's Awl Paladin or a Stprmspire Enchantress or something like that?

And last: A Druid Hunter Summoner is slow, but safe, and I do find him to be a fun build :)

Whatever you do: Have fun and may your drops be green and golden (orange, I guess from what you wrote, not so much 😬)

Edit: I find the mods on Crainte Vomir interesting. Coldsteel Eye, too.
And last: A Druid Hunter Summoner is slow, but safe, and I do find him to be a fun build :)

Edit: I find the mods on Crainte Vomir interesting. Coldsteel Eye, too.

Seconded. Maxed Druid summons seriously surprised me.

Crainte Vomir is seriously underrated. Personally I think it's better than grief, tomby or ribcracker on my Wolfbarb 😅
There are tons of ideas if you look at the older threads in the Mat & Pat compilation.

PDR Berserker was one of my favourites. Vengeance Sorc is nice but fragile. Phoenix Striker. Flaming Mauler bear. Avenger / Justicar Paladin. Almost anything with a two handed weapon. I could go on and on.
IK Barb!

edit: well, maybe not "forgotten". But, seems like many people havent gotten around to making one.
I still have fun with mine! Not the quickest killer, but super durable and no need to worry about immunities. Also, if you were raised in the wild by a family of magpies like me, shiny!
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Exceptional and elite sets are fun. In particular I am a big fan of orphans and Sazabis set, plus class specific as others have suggested. I used all of them in my 7x7.

other idea is dual vile husk frenzy Barb. Throw lawbringer on switch for undead and it’s quite powerful with lots of room for optimization.

Final suggestion is Ribby sept; or at least one or two characters. Such a killer item and fyj to try 2H melee with one or two classes.
PNM Meleezon is a lot of fun. Extremely tanky, esp with max DR% and some P/MDR. Don't use Grief or daggers to make it more challenging (and less expensive). I used Baranar's and Oath on mine. I also had a nearly perfect eth razor's edge that if I'd had a zod, would've used in that. She absolutely shredded enemies with that thing.

Max valk, decoy, and A2 merc makes for a really resilient team. I took her to level 90 and actually did a fair bit of area running on her, mostly Hell Countess and P3 Pits. Wish I still had those saves, she was a cool character. Slower than power builds, but a lot faster than you'd expect and basically impossible to kill.
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Any character with cloaking (Nadir for non-assassins) and a ranged weapon, and some extra gold finding to pay the bills. Very customizable too but the play style remains distinct.

Slowing and more slowing, piling up at least 75 % or so from items and some cold damage, fear, open wounds and prevent monster heal. Watch all crawl away like slugs as they bleed.
@Maltatai I prefer Darksight Helm - Charges are a lower level, but you get more of them. CbF, Mana Leech & FR too, plus you can socket it’s.
@Maltatai I don't think I've ever repaired any Nadirs.. Either I found a better helm or just make another one since the runes are ridiculously cheap😅
Provided you can find it, I would agree darksight helm wins in most areas. I've rarely come across it though, fewer than half my guardians found it I think.
I sort of agree with that as a plan :) but socketed helms and low level runes are not abundant in hell so I wonder if storage space wouldn't be limiting such an approach. There are some areas where you would need to be cloaking a lot if you depended on it for a build and consequently burn through charges quickly.
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I remember Buriza strafer splashed with multishot and guided arrow being one of the most fun and inexpensive builds i have ever played back in 1.11. Dont forget to slap clegraw pooncers on for maximum pwnge. Everything blu and slow and dead hlaap hloop. Alternatively, swap for leech gloves and wear howltusk for the added troll factor of playing with the butt ugliest in game character graphics available :)

Edit: I remeber that bad, that would be sorceress in great helm, amazon actually looks awesome in it. Another reason to give it a go!
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If you'd whirlwind with Woestave and cleglaws gloves, would you leave a trail of knocked back and blinded monsters? :unsure: It sounds quite funny.
I once found a 4os Rune Staff with +3 Hydra +3 FO +2 ES, I made Memory in it and built a sorc around it. She was effective and surprisingly durable for not having a shield. Another really cool save file lost to the aether. I haven't made or used a Memory staff since, but it felt good to main a RW that usually is little more than a prebuff stick.
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