frozen orb vs blizzard sorc...

MadWereWolfBoy said:
1)which is better for pvm?

2)which is better for mfing hell meph?

3)should i max clod mastery 1st? or synergies 1st?

1. depends.. blizz does higher dam but is a lil harder to posistion while Fo does much less dam but is easier to use

2. i would say blizz for the damage factor

3.the faster you mast cm the faster you lower monsters cold res meaning you can do more dam and the faster you max synergies the faster you gain dam so its your choice:)
1. Blizz is easier, Orb is more fun IMO.
2. I would for sure say Blizz for the ease of it, you can just moat trick him and sit back and watch him fry, or freeze rather...
3. Some people prefer to put about 10 points or so into mastery and than go synergies, finishing mastery afterwards... or you can just go to 96 like my sorc and max it all mwahahaha... (94 so far woohoo)

Either way, the dmg you deal will be immense, it just works itself out differently.
1) I think FO is a lot easier to use. It sprays the whole screen, hitting every single monster in sight very fast. Blizzard is more localised and some critters can by chance survive a long time even in the middle of a Blizzard. Especially around fast packs the difference is notable - your FO will chill them all immediately and give you more time, the Blizzard will only hit one of them before they're out of the damage zone and whacking on you. The trick to Blizzard is of course to make good use of your merc to do the tanking and drop Blizzards on him, but there's no trick to FO - just point it in the right general direction. However, a fully synergised Blizzard does a lot more damage than FO in big hell games.
2) Blizzard
3) Put one point in Mastery as soon as you can, max one synergy, max Mastery, max other synergies (for Blizzard, that is - max Mastery before synergy for FO). Check the skill calculator to finetune the damage maximising.
When using the calculator, be sure to check the 'use monster resistance' box so that CM can be factored in.
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