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Dec 14, 2009

My Diablo game sometimes freezes while dueling... and when i go back it says im using the cd key xD does this ever happen to you guys? and is there anything i can do to prevent this? thanks
Re: frozed

I have no idea why the game freezes, it could be both software and hardware trouble causing that, and I'm no good at either of them :p

But when it says you are using the cd-key, it either wears of automatically after a minute or so, but usually it is also because you have an instance of the game running in the background.

To solve this, you need to close the instance running. Press ctrl-alt-del and open the Task Manager.
Under the tab 'Processes', you should find 'game.exe', which is the DiabloII game. Mark it, and choose 'end process', and you should be able to start the game again and log in.
If that for some odd reason shouldn't work, try restarting the computer and/or wait a minute or two. (But it will work) :thumbsup:
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