frostmaiden a1 merc


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Nov 19, 2006
frostmaiden a1 merc

well im gonna use faith for my merc so:

what bow should i use for the faith?
some1 told me that i should use shadow bow or crusader bow or great bow

anywayz i have no idea what armor\helm to use...
i thought about eth forti+eth andy or something

thanks~ :smiley:
Well, if you want to be perfect, then a Crusader bow [10], with a level 15 Fanaticism, and an Andariel's Visage with an IAS jewel (35% IAS, important) will give her a 10 frame attack, as well as great damage.

Otherwise, a Shadow Bow [0] will get to 10 frames easier, you only need 20% IAS with a level 15 Fanaticism to get to 10 frames, but with a little less damage than the Crusader.

A Great Bow [-10] can get to a 9 frame attack with 35% IAS Andy's and any Fanaticism roll. But she'll be doing less damage per hit though.

You're right about the helm and armour, Andy's and eth Fort are the way to go.
Check it out, just made it a moment ago. It was a Superior 9% ed, +3 AR Shadow Bow to start with.

The only thing is, my merc will have to wear a Crown of Thieves from level 65 to 75, she wont have 188 dex until level 75.

Let the pwnage begin? We'll see. ATM my not-yet-started Frostmaiden's gear is scattered all over, and I'll be using a Kuko Shakaku, some rare +2 Bow gloves, a CoH Archon, Ravenfrost, Highlords, and this to twink her with. No Ice GMB yet, I still need the +3 Bow GMB to make it in. Kuko should do just fine until then.

I actually want to see how well Kuko performs, by Shael'ing it and taking it right through to Hell Baal.
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