Friiser Mondaily


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Sep 13, 2008
Friiser Mondaily

Happy Birthday Friiser.:balloons: Hope you have a good one.:guiness::congrats:

RL: Yes, the work week has returned, and all the emotions associated with it. I'll be back myself. Getting too close to the holidays for a lot of work output, but still have enough to do to keep us all busy.

D2: Yes. Little of that too.

Have a good day everyone
Re: Friiser Mondaily

RL: I woke up with a sore neck today. Uhhhnn...I can't turn my head to the left :rant:

D2: Strafer. I hope she finds perfect(or not) war travelers, because I need to try them on her, and I don't have them yet. Yeah, like that would happen.

I'll probably do 3-4 travincal runs today aswell.
Re: Friiser Mondaily

Happy birthday, Friis! I've always loved your avatar of Sir-Not-Appearing-In-This-Film.

RL: I've got to be at work in about 5.5 hours. I ended up falling asleep watching football and I slept way too long. Gotta get a nap in before too long.

The funeral was strangely refreshing on Saturday. I got to get all dressed up, I was able to let tears fall in public without worry, and having not been in a Catholic church in over a decade a majority of the responses and traditions came back to me in a flash. Totally surreal, but it felt natural, too. ...But I won't be going back any time soon. :D

As for the computer, when I was told the tech was running late Saturday morning, I've since sent him two emails saying "let me know when you have some time." And I've received zero response, not even an apology for canceling on me three days in a row. It's getting tougher to write anything to him without swearing, accusations, and tons of derogatory statements about his mother.

D2: Not for a while, but this talk of 1.13, increased rune drops, and Travincial runs got me thinking about making a 1.12 whirler in preparation for the final 1.13 patch. I've never given one a serious chance, so it could be interesting.
Re: Friiser Mondaily

RL: First day of the one week of work I have to put into a project at school. Yipee. At least it's an easy $300.

D2: Got my 1.13 barb up to level 35 and he's sitting in Act 5. I'll probably level him until Ashmer is around so we can continue our 1.07 characters. We got up to level 13 and we're sitting at the Inner Cloister. It's been pretty interesting so far.
Re: Friiser Mondaily

RL: Work is pretty crazy now. I have to grade some stuff, proof read a paper for one of my colleagues and prepare for my interview at the american embassy tomorrow. I can`t wait until the slackers over the dam wake up and actually answers my e-mail, I need some information before that interview......I`ll give it a couple of hours before I start spamming their inbox:) I will watch the season finale of Dexter later tonight, so that`s something to look forward to.

D2: No time to play tonight, will go through the stashes from the Christmas Giveaway and hopefully sort everything out.
Re: Friiser Mondaily

D2: Lost my barb to a FE enchanted scarab pack in the early parts of act II Hell, so starting him up again. Guess I need to be a bit more careful. Lost the IK belt... the only major loss for me. I think the problem was over-eager, and under-leveled. Will be a few days at least until I get his replacement up to speed.

RL: Grading finals. Got to get them done by Tuesday 4pm. Got about 8-10 hours work on them.
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RL: Grading finals. Got to get them done by Tuesday 4pm. Got about 8-10 hours work on them.
What is it that you're grading (subject)? If only I had a teacher who plays D2 :D

And a happy B-Day to Friiser!

RL: Got to give a presentation tomorrow, so I've been revising our report, and the PPT that goes with it. I've also finished some reports that need to be handed in by friday. Time to work on another one right now.

D2: Perhaps, but unlikely.

OVG: some TF2 for an hour or so tonight. Death to all Demomen! Long live the Soldier!

Re: Friiser Mondaily

Happy Birthday, Friiser! Make it a good one!

RL: Woke up early-ish, shower, coffee, job hunt. Woo.

Now: more coffee.

Upcoming: NaNo novel (I've taken almost a week off, and would like to finish it up soon so I can start editing :yes:); eff around; food; nap; hulu; reading some in the Journal that finally came (featuring an essay on conceptions of desire in Foucault and Deleuze: roxxorz, I hopes); pick the guitar a bit; ummmm. . . that's about it.

D2: I have a slight itch to grab 1.13 and move my IA/FA zon over, but it's not enough of an annoyance to upgrade just yet. I'll probably just wait for the final version, but who knows.
Re: Friiser Mondaily

A happy birthday to ya!

RL: School. Probably going out tonight as per usual, not sure where, though.

D2: No time. If I do squeeze some in, I'll quest a bit with the FB only sin. I really need to get on submitting my D2 run, but I'm having terrible desync problems.
Re: Friiser Mondaily

RL: Work methinks. Have to write up a project scope and get it signed off on.

D2: Mehbe, found some books to read so tossing a coin.
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Updates: Work was actually not too bad today. Still typing slow, and the new supervisor gave me a couple glaring looks when she caught me talking to someone during a non-break time, but it was necessary since....

She's the GF of the tech guy for my computer. I ended up writing him a pretty nasty email this morning. I told her about it explaining that I was very upset with his lack of effort and him not contacting me at all after blowing off our appointment Saturday morning. She warned him, he deleted it without reading it (which is probably a good thing), and when she talked to him later he asked me to call him.

Long story short, he had the time to make a quick appearance at my place earlier tonight. He doesn't know what to fix yet, but he plans (crossing my fingers on this one) to come over to my place while I'm at work tomorrow to do a few things:

-Transfer sound from the onboard section of the MOBO to the secondary card to see if it resolves the quiet sound issue
-Do a MOBO test to see if it's working at full capacity or it it's overheating... or if it's already fried... :\
-Install drivers (if necessary) for the MOBO & graphics card
-And maybe double check the BIOS settings to see if the MOBO's configured properly

*Interrupted by a BSOD*

Ye gods, I really hope he comes over tomorrow.... : pray :
Re: Friiser Mondaily

1st off - sorry for the thread necromancy...

Secondly... Thanks everyone! It had been awhile since I'd been on, and it makes me glad to see the birthday wishes!

BTW - the wife got me a Wii for the big day! Been reminiscing a bit with the new Super Mario Bros.
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