Friday Thread


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Oct 24, 2004
Friday Thread

Hi all.

It's almost Saturday here and still no-one has started a Friday thread, so I hope you don't mind if I start one off.

It's so quiet here, partner at work :rant: daughter dreaming of what Santa is going to bring, so this is probably my only r&r time I willl get this weekend. I hope you all have a good weekend and have good questing or mfing.

Take care

-Jas :wave:
Hello Siege, actually I wanted to start the daily but now you've done it grrr :rant:
Hehe! Where do you live, since it's almost saturday?

Here in the centre of the world (Denmark) it's 1315 hours, I'm at work and there's nothing to do since all our systems are down. So I just sit and stare out of the window. I wish I had a laptop with D2 on right now :D

*passes around some cookies*
Hope you poor guys who have to work will get through the day! Good luck! :D I had very few lessons today, because it was our headmaster's birthday! :D
Hi Rizzo :howdy:

I'm in Australia, but to be more specific - Tasmania, which is a few k's south of Australia. Ok Ok enough of the Tasmania jokes I was actually born in SA (South Africa) so the Tassie jokes don't work here :lol:

I had to sit down, I often read your posts in "Beacon" To see you here was a suprise for me, but no doubt you frequent here often. Hope you and your girlfriend are well. Sorry if this has gone a bit off topic. If it has please tell me.

- Jas :wave:
seige said:
I had to sit down, I often read your posts in "Beacon" To see you here was a suprise for me, but no doubt you frequent here often. Hope you and your girlfriend are well. Sorry if this has gone a bit off topic. If it has please tell me.

Hehe you should active your debating skills then, and join us in the Beacon thread :)
Oh, and yes! We are very well :D
Hey Rizzo - My Brother in Law is from Denmark. I spent a week visiting them in Copenhagen about 10-12 years ago! His newphew, age 14, is spending 6 months in the states at their house in New Jersey and I met him for the first time over Turkey dinner. He's a nice quiet kid.

Me - I'm at work and being in sales, this is the quietest day of the year. I've been here +1 hour and the phone has rang twice. All my clients are on holiday. I'll be hanging around a lot here today.

D2 wise - I played a little bit Wednesday night/Thursday Morning. I got my sorc up to level 89 and after reading one of the threads here, I tried running the Ancient Tunnels (great for a Bliz Sorc). Nothing great dropped.

edit -sp
I finally decided to stop Pit running with my Sorc for a while and went on questing. She's up to Act 3 now, at Travincal, and level 81. Then I decided to re-roll my map to get a better Pit run, and now I've got one that usually only requires me to fight one small boss pack/champion pack in the Tamoe Highland before reaching the Pit, so I think it's a keeper for a while. :)

But I'm so glad I'm a waypoint junkie (meaning I must activate every waypoint before I can finish the game, including the Halls of the Dead 2 in NM and Hell). I went to Halls 2 in Act 2, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a green Mesh Belt. Tal's Cloth! That goes quite well with my Tal's Armour I found a few days back, and since I was wearing MF gear, the bonuses given by having the Armour, Belt, and Helm (my merc was wearing the Helm I found back in NM but I convinced him to let me borrow it for a while) gives more MF than my four PTopaz armour and 3 PTopaz helm, in addition to having a LOT nicer bonuses. I guess the D2 gods were with me. I thought, "Great! Now all I need is the ammy and the orb (both of which I have in my 1.09 stash :p ) and I'll have a glowing Sorc!" Then, once I reached the Spider Forest in Act 3, a green ammy dropped from one of those Shamans. I thought, "No way...that couldn't be!" And sure enough, I grabbed it and ID'd it and it was most certainly...




...Iratha's Collar. :p Ah well, I couldn't get that lucky all in one day, right? Well, to make up for my minor disappointment in that matter, a boss Flayer/Soul Killer/whatevertheyarecalled in the Flayer Jungle dropped me a burlywood Gilded Shield! So now I've found an HoZ in 1.10 as well! Whoo-hoo!!! :jig:

Have a good Friday, all. Weekend's just around the corner!

It's been long time since I last posted in the daily, but here it goes:

Quested with my untwinked HC Trapsin, Selene, and got her to Conqueror status. She's only level 67 so I'll have to level her a bit by some Baal's minions runs. LS + DS r0xx0rs me b0xx0rs!

Real Life's as dull as ever :grrr:

Hang in there, d00dzors.
In just under two hours, my lvl82 hybrid amazon, Latrina, swept through the foothills of Mt. Arreat, freeing some barbarians along the way, and entered the Crystalline Pass. She then proceeded onwards to rescue Anya, although her journey was slowed due to scattered Gloam resistance.

Anya's reward, a spear, was less than useful and was sold off for a quick 10000 gold pieces. However, dispite her funny name, the Gods were smiling upon Latrina and within that single session, she found The Occulus, Tal Rasha's Armor, and Tal Rasha's Amulet. However, such equipment was unsuited for an Amazon and now resides with Atma for safe-keeping.
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