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Jul 20, 2008

Don't give me that look, every operating system has a calculator and calendar you know. :p

RL: It's 3:30am. I should be tired. I should be typing nonsense strings of characters while sleeping on my keyboard. I'm not. In my defense, 4 years of college has left me with little semblance of normality in my sleeping patterns, and a (un)healthy addiction to coffee is just gravy. Actually scratch all that, I just blame Durf. :D

Cleaning out old junk and apps that I no longer use from the computer in the hopes it will bore me to sleep.

D2: With my item luck recently, I'd get another killer drop and be too excited, so not until the morning.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL:10:40 O' clock in Finland, and the outside temperature is -25 degrees celsius, that's -13 Fahrenheit and 248 Kelvins. Holidays start in about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

D2: Fu fu fu, too cold to leave indoors, and 14 D2 chars between Act 1 normal and Act 2 nightmare, so I know what I'm going to do :D
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Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: It is 2:40 A.M here in Memphis. About to go to sleep. Se yall in a morning :wave:

D2: Above...
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

Currently 4:38AM just outside of Boston, USA. The wind is making my roof creak. Not that cold though, only -7C.

And Friday - 1. Wow, thats optimist squared there.

RL: 6 more work days until Holiday break. I'll just leave it at that. But I am making soup today, so I can look forward to that.

D2: I'll do some of that later. Or maybe now. Hard to say.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: I got up at 10 am today. I don't even remember when I last got up that late. Probably martial arts in the evening.

D2: 1.07? My whirler really needs a better weeapon. Can I shop anything good at nm larzuk at level 45? Also, can someone answer my question that I posted in the 1.07 gossip thread a few days ago?
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: Schools are closed due to snow. Going down to the sea to take a few pictures.

D2: Whirlwind. Just started nm A3. I decided on the whirler after the initial Trav thread, 1.13 makes it more promising.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: Schools are closed due to snow. Going down to the sea to take a few pictures.

Closed due to snow? That would never ever happen here!

RL: It`s bloody freezing. -10 C and windy, I am not amused. Luckily it`s only getting worse as I`m going for a trip to some friends of mine later tongiht. They live in one of the coldest hellholes in this country. Bah......

At least work is pretty relaxed today, we`re just hanging out and waiting for the holidays:) Hot chocolate and cookies are on the menu for lunch in 20 minutes:thumbup:

D2: Haven`t played all that much lately. I`m still kind of confused about 1.13 and whether I want to upgrade if the patch stays the way it is now. Might run the pits for an hour when I get home from work, but all in all I`m not really having all that much fun playing anymore. All the MF tournaments coming up will probably change that and I`ll be back with a vengeance.

Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: Almost confused by the title. Gamer is a terrible film. Carriers is quite tidy. Going shopping with my bro before Date Night with the lady and the sister is also down today, so a full house indeed.

D2: Nope.

OVG: Damn energy bar on Nation Red is killing me. Softly. Finished Max Payne on Medium but forgot about the quicksave limit on Hard, so I started Half-Life: Opposing Force as part of the pet project. L4D2 still CTD/BSoD for some reason.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: Today was a chilly 29 degrees celcius in Perth. Last day of uni before the christmas holidays so I now have until the 4th of January to relax (I'm on a weird trimester schedule, that's why I was still in school).

D2: Might just play some for the first time in a few weeks. Maybe my Blizzard sorc, I'll see.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: Off to my last day of work during my winter break soon. After that I'm going to see my girlfriend. Today's the last day she'll be here before she goes home for break, so I won't see her for about three weeks :(.

D2: Tomorrow.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: I'm on break, so none of this math crud.

D2: Barb is finishing up NM. I'm going to lvl him up to at least 75 before taking him to Hell difficulty, and possibly higher depending on how it feels in WSK. He's the replacement for a barb who died in Act II Hell at too low of a level, so I'll be over doing it with this one. No really stealar drops yet in Act V... hope that the game is saving it up for something really special.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

Rl : working, then a free evening :) The wife is at school, so i will probably have time for some

D2 : Finaly started leveling my frenzy zealot. Easy as pie till lvl 25 thanks to my raven claw and my 2k exploding arrows from my enchantress :D Still have to work trough two stashes i got from trading and trough 5 Hell hellforges i have to collect. Much to do, but so little time :)

OVG : Added 15 new tracks on my Trackmania server, have to check the reactions tonight.

So many games, so little time.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: Yes.

D2: Maybe.

OVG: No.

Teh squid is messin with me today.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!


RL: Morning all. Just got back from school. Did my last exam so I am FREE now! Yahoo! Still gotta go to work though :unimpressed:

D2: Yes please. I got 5 hours till work. Pindle will die a lot during those hours :yes:
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: Someone improperly loaded one of the clothes washing machines and the awful racket woke me up. I made coffee, I put on clothes, I had a cigarette, I checked email, and the washer is still making a friggen annoying banging noise. Thankfully, it should stop fairly soon.

Upcoming: the usual, followed by some House Cleaning, recycling run, maybe some groceries, call in an order for Tamales for Xmas dinner with the aunts (well, I might just go get said tamales and stick them in the freezer until Xmas), likely a nap, maybe a beer run, and some hulu. Woo.

D2: perhaps. I'm still thinking of starting up in 1.13, but I still haven't done it. Meh.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

The daily's gotten no love for eight hours! More participants, please!

RL: Finished day four at work. The GF left early (planned) to take her daughters to the doctor for inoculations. Barely talked to her all day. And unlike last week when I went to her place after work twice during the weekday, this week we're not getting together until the weekend. Boo. I got out of work two hours ago, but I'm just now getting home, so the agenda looks like any combination of food, TV, beer, and/or D2. Frankie says "Relax!"

Computer: The reason I'm home late. The computer tech I fired hasn't been in touch (surprise surprise). His GF talked to me at work for a minute, but I told her I'm adamant in my decision, that it was nothing personal, I hate to take money away from them but he's obviously too busy to work on my machine. I found a local computer repair shop that charges a flat fee for all diagnosis/work that they do and it's half the price the old tech asked for. So I brought it in to them. ...During peak traffic times. I'm so used to driving around the city at night; where'd all these people and cars come from?! :D I was told it'll be a few days before they get any serious work done, but if they get everything fixed the time spent is totally worth the price. Fingers crossed.

D2: Didn't play the Whirler yesterday, but I may today. The level of sleepiness will determine the outcome.
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: Starting my second all-nighter in... two days. I really have to finish this project and have a few days to recover.

D2: LOL I would have to be crazy or sick, maybe both :p
Next week perhaps :)
Re: (Friday-minus-one)daily!

RL: Theres posadas down here in mexico which means party! you gotta love mexican parties, theres gonna be candy, food and TEQUILA

D2: Finally got a nice griffons and will prob start my light sorc again
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