Jan 29, 2009

Yep. It's Friday.

RL: woke up, shave, shower, walked down to the motel office and fetched some coffee that was not quite as good as the awful stuff that I had from the machine in the room yesterday, cursed a bit.

Now back in the room, brewing awful coffee, drinking worse coffee, and starting this thread.

Upcoming: a couple of hours of NaNo: I've been slacking a bit, and would really like to hit 44 or 45K today, since I'm going to loose all of tomorrow driving home and whatnot, and I don't want to have too much of a burden on Sunday & Monday: closing in on the end, and I'm going to make it for sure.

Then it's back out to the mountain/lake, maybe wander around the woods, do some hiking, sit on the dock and drink beer, eat, hang out with family, etc.

D2: . . .
Re: ~Fridaily~

RL: Back from the visit at the GF's last night. I had guessed she would be drinking wine and then pass out on the couch by 9. I was right about the wine, but... not the passing out bit. I hadn't been there for fifteen minutes when she'd been in the bathroom twice for a couple minutes apiece. We went outside to smoke, I started asking questions about Thanksgiving with her family, I asked something about her older daughter who it turns out never came home for the holiday... and then she started crying. We ended up in her bed, holding each other while she sniffled and tears slid down her face. ...And she never told me what was wrong. I assume it's about her daughter's father and he's retaliated for the court proceedings, but... :dontknow: We had an okay night, but I wish she could have talked to me. Better I didn't pressure her into talking, though.

Slept all night, so I've actually got a full day completely free to myself. Since I didn't eat turkey yesterday, I'm considering looking for a restaurant that does a hot turkey sandwich. Yum. Otherwise I'll punish my bowels and get a huge burrito. Maybe I'll clean today, but really there's nothing to do! Cool.

D2: Maybe. The Teslafroster could use some levels. Also thinking about picking up where I left off with the Furyzon so I could run for the Cow set.

OVG: Maybe. Streets of Rage Remake, the SDA game, or even Xenosaga. Lots of choices here.
Re: ~Fridaily~

RL: Imitating a well fed python today.

D2: Finally built an insight for my sorc. I'ts like trading in a three legged mule that had to stop for mana pots every fifteen seconds for a pinto with four flat tires that doesn't have to stop for mana pots every fifteen seconds.
Re: ~Fridaily~

RL: Nothing productive. I'm stuck in my life. I want to break free.

D2: Maybe

OVG: HL2 ep2, maybe I'll try Team Fortress 2.

EDIT: I just saw SW:KotOR on steam for less than 2.50 euro. I've heard people praising it alot, so I'm buying. How many of you played it?
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Re: ~Fridaily~

@Pijus: Oh it's awesome. For 2.5€ it's a crime if you're not buying it. :p

RL: Had an exam today at uni which went surprisingly good and I'm feeling better so I probably don't have swine flu afterall. :)

D2: Felt the urge to do some Meph runs a few minutes ago but... nah.

OVG: I'm starting to like poker again so I played a few games tonight. :)
Re: ~Fridaily~

EDIT: I just saw SW:KotOR on steam for less than 2.50 euro. I've heard people praising it alot, so I'm buying. How many of you played it?

I've got it for the XBox. I didn't really dig it for the couple hours I gave it, but I'd be willing to give it another try. Having never played a table top game of D&D before, I imagine KOTOR plays like one since the RNG is basically a throw of the dice. And to me it seems like the game doesn't give you any suggestions on how to make a good character. If I played it again, I'd probably look at lots of stuff at gamefaqs to make sure I did things well.

...But it's cheap and worth checking out, for sure. I've wasted a heck of a lot more money on things I spent less time with.

D2 Update: I ended up playing my LF 'zon for a while today. Went from halfway in ActII NM to Eldritch and leveled to 70. Clearing the rest of ActV should be cake. And because I'm silly, I've got 20+ skill points uninvested for absolutely no reason. Cow set, here I come! Reminds me, I gotta look to see what the max TC & qlvl the normal Cow King can drop since there's a few TC3s I'm missing.

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