Fridaily- The semester is over!


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May 27, 2005
Fridaily- The semester is over!

I saw no Fridaily, so I am posting it.
RL- My semester is done! I went to get my history papers in order today, and averaged my grade. A 99.8 isn't bad. I am still waiting on my final grade for PoliSci, but all my other classes went really well.

D2- Got my zealot through Act 1 last nite. Level 17, and doing really well. Hoping I can get him to at least the staff today.
RL: My semester is also over today, I wrote my last exam and I'm pretty sure it went well. Going home for the Christmas holidays tomorrow, so I'll be back to dial-up. blah!

D2: Lots of it will come over the holidays!

RL-Dont break up til wednesday Blargh! Apart from that its a friday so its all good.

D2- My assasin got to nightmare and Hope to get to andy tonight. Hopefully some more uniques will drop.
Congratulations to you both on finishing up the semester!

In DII I started a Hammerdin this week. He's currently Level 79, and is spending some time in the Pit levelling. I've been playing him about half of the time in Hell at /P8, and it's amazing to see that his killing speed isn't that greatly affected. I now truly understand why he's sometimes referred to as a 'cheesedin."

- Noodle
Just got home from a pretty busy day at the bookstore. I've got this yucky chest cold and I'm sitting here trying to decide whether to make dinner or just figure on the husband having dinner at the bar when he goes to "happy hour." (I used to never cook on Fridays, and we always ate at the bar, but the head cook left and the food has been sub-par.) Already decided to skip hh this week, myself, as I'm opening the store tomorrow ... and while a hot toddy would be lovely, I don't want to cough all over the barflies.

D2: Really depends on how I feel. I played a little yesterday, intending to go from Upper Kurast all the way to Meph, but when I got lost in town I realized it wasn't happening. Yep, I suddenly had no earthly idea of where I was in tiny Kurast Docks. I'd just had a couple of NDEs from mis-mousing (not that it matters in SC, but I hate dying) and waking up a second gang of monsters on top of the first. And one of those two times I let myself get surrounded and hit the wrong key to tele. You won't be surprised to hear that I went to bed at that point. (Nope, didn't save and exit from the hairball. Lived through it, killed all, went to town, got lost, then the S&E.)
but when I got lost in town I realized it wasn't happening. Yep, I suddenly had no earthly idea of where I was in tiny Kurast Docks.

It is for reasons like this, that Frapsing your play should be compulsory. :grin:

RL: Yes.

D2: Some.

Fraps (derived from Frames per Second) is a benchmarking, screen capture, and real-time video capture utility for DirectX and OpenGL applications. It is commonly used to record gaming footage. The program is very popular in the making of amateur machinima films.

The Fraps codec allows decoding of Fraps-encoded videos (using a media player capable of decoding the AVI container format) or conversion to other video formats (with the use of the right software). The Fraps video codec manages to capture videos with minimal impact on game performance, as it has been optimized to achieve compression higher than uncompressed RGB, resulting in smaller filesizes, though the format is considerably less space-efficient than more heavily compressed video formats such as DivX. (Few computers can encode video to high-compression formats such as DivX on the fly, and few hard drives are fast enough to be able to record the immense amount of data produced in using uncompressed video. The Fraps format is a compromise of the two.)

- Noodle
RL: surfed in crappy weather.
D2: waiting for someone to help me get through nightmare (rush), otherwise slowely chugging along through act 2 NM.
Finished my semester also, pretty confidant that I got straight A's.
Monday was my birthday but couldn't celebrate due to exams.
Won a portable DVD player from a door prize thing at college.
Last exam 4pm friday, went to the bar got drunk!

I finished my semester yesterday too, with only a month until exams, and 3rd year modules are quite hard, so some revision is going to have to be done :tongue:.

After some not so excessive drinking last night I went to bed at 1am and only woke up at 5pm today. Didn't even realise it was possible to sleep that long, no matter how many pieces of coursework you do in 3 days:undecided:

My housemates have both gone home, so it's just me and my so-called "superfast" ADSL line until Monday when I go home, which means lots of D2.
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