fresh start


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Jan 11, 2004
fresh start

well for awhile now ive been thinking of a fresh start to 'spice' my d2 career back up as lately ive found im just powering twinked to the teeth chars through till halfway thru nm then ditching them cos its boring.
so what im really after is a build thats doable untwinked and could possibly pull off some decent Mf'ing. but im not after a cookie cutter build. so feel free to share your experiences with untwinked( or even twinked) variation builds that have done well in hell.
thanks :thumbsup:
If you are looking for a challenge, go for the untwinked, single-pass (no MFing) Hammerdin. Yeah, he's supposedly overpowered, but trust me, if you go fully untwinked, (HC if you're really up for the challenge) it's not anywhere near easy.

He gets hit a lot, but can hit back pretty well too - so it's really exciting. At the end, you know he can MF. ;)
An untwinked Fishymancer can beat the game, too. Try Nightfish's guide you'll find here at the SPF.
is that it? does anyone else have an ideas? anyone at all?
so far the hammerdin sounds tempting. i might even be insane enough to actually try HC. but then again. i might just leave it to the realy crazy people, like AE.:lol:
A bombasin is scary fun - shock web and fireblast, a ton of maneuvering to keep away from the monsters. Not overpowered, but competitive.

- Noodle
Any character who can "shop" for high end items is as good as a pure MF char in my book. Trapsins can shop for +3 trap/shadow skills claws starting in NM I believe. Also, singer barbs don't need alot of +skills items, but can shop for +3 Warcries weapons. My double throw barb has done very well so far with only shopped weapons. He is in late NM with shopped Cruel/Ferocious throwing weapons. Also, 20% IAS magic gloves/crafted are realitively easy to come by. Lit zons can do well in hell with just a jav with a replenish suffix. My newest skelli mancer is in A3 Norm with pretty much all self found stuff. I just muled on some Pskulls to put into the socketed armor and helm he found. Frenzy Barb or Frost Zealot would be okay to try too. They are a little more dependant on gear but you can shop some Brutal/Vicious weapons pretty early in the game. We started off untwinked at one time or another, but somehow got those non-cookie builds to Pat out of determination and skill. :thumbsup:
Havent made it, but I've wanted to.

Charged Bolt/Hydra Sorceress. I think itd be halarious making some hydra's then running around and spamming charged bolts and dodging blows. :lol:
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