Frenzy barb weapon dilemma


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Jun 22, 2003
Frenzy barb weapon dilemma

This is PvM,mainly Baal runs in a party with a sorc.I was wondering what would work best.
BotD/Kingslayer Col.Blades or
Beast/Doom BAs
Maybe Eternity and Fury could be mixed somehow into it?

Any input is appreciated.
I'd go beast/doom, although the volcano from doom might be frustrating. Still get mad style points for two auras going, and good damage to boot.
Beast+BotD for good dmg+partyfriendliness
Beast+Doom for above average dmg+a lot of partyfriendliness+safety
Eternity and Fury are inferior to the others, but they would work too.

I'd go for Beast+Doom if I had the funds. Keep some Ort runes in your stash for repairs ;)

i got the botd/beast on my frenzy barb and it works well.
tried the botd/doom combo and didnt really like as much.
I think my barb does more dmg now with botd/beast and the fan aura is just awesome.
plus i really like the part of changing into a bear for kicks and giggles.
(too bad can't use frenzy while in bear form) :grrr:
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