Frenzy barb question

It depends a lot on your gear choices and your play style. If you take two mediocre weapons and try and fly right into the fray, you're probably not going to do very well. However, if you have good weapons and a bit of leech you can pretty much do anything you want. Likewise, careful use of Battle Cry, Taunt, Howl, Grim Ward, and War Cry will let you use pretty much any old weapon and still play fairly effectively.
Yeah... to the thread-starter.. maybe you could give us an idea of what your plan looks like?
Frenziers are really effective in pvm, mine is a combination. today i did 3 uber trist runz as well as maybe 7 lesser uber runz, w/o dieing once...

my gear.... if it is ne help....

189ed/6ll arreats soon gettin a 40/15max'r in it

a nice ap fort ( roughly 1650+ def )

LWz -- this helps me so much. i can handle pretty much ne situation hell throws at me..... with the life tap and ( 68cb ) and decent damg.. i can run ubers/ baal runz relatively ez.
GRiefZ--- is my second weapon.... not sure if it was a good pvm weapon at first but it helps me out with the ias and what not

duel angelics -- w.e. it works lol.
angelic ammy-- sold my high lords... gettin another one lol
188ed gores-- self explanetory cant go wrong with them

My torch is a 18/17 my anni is a 15/15/9 got both of those with my barb..
ill tell ya now, with this gear it takes me roughly 30-45 seconds to do dc and maybe a couple of minutes to do uber trist.. plus.... the crazy frw sweed u get from frenzy is hilarious. if ur like me and cant afford 10-15 hr per pcomb and 15+ hr for a torch, or 20+ hr for a decent exile... this is the build to go with for uberz and all around fast pvm
lol, another lifetap noob

Hey, IMO every character should make use of a Curse, most people use Life Tap, but your idea of Decrepify via Lawbringers rocks too.

Life Tap = Easier survival from leech, means no need for pots.
Decrep = Easier survival too, but no leech which means pots.

Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

EDIT: and I really do mean no leech too, Ubers have a leech effectiveness stat of 0.

My Frenzy barb is awesome at PvM. Static Field casting practically every second, combined with loads of crushing blow. Mobs fall fast.
Grief/lawbringer combo is like spakeh has said many times very underestimated....never really felt the need for lifetap on my barb tbh...
Maybe, but with life tap it is way easier and faster. Not to mention the fact that instead of 2 fighting weapons you need 4, loosing +7 to warcries (yeah prebufing every now and then sucks IMO).
Besides, you can use a merc to cast decrep, if you dont want to use life tap.
But with decreep, who needs lifetap....also with decreep u do way more dmg....why waste a curse on a defensive one when its not needed ? :p
lol, another lifetap noob

lol. the point of it is to stay alive, u call my barb a newb cuz he uses LT... it's a build that works for me.... a build that works period. if i can run through count, meph, andy, chaos in lil over 10 minutes... then ok. either way "newb" u gotta advocate some sort of lil cheap curse to stay alive besides using LL.

i thought the poibt of makin a pvm char is 1) clearing fast 2) staying alive while doing it

i could probly make do w/o my lw as my life is almost 5.5k
But it is practical, and very reliant.

also with decreep u do way more dmg
Even though griefs damage is awesome, damage on lawbringer is very poor and like I said I wouldnt waste my shift to have another 2 fighting weapons.

why waste a curse on a defensive one when its not needed
To help me answering this I will quote part of a post from another thread.
Decrepify does 3 things.
1) Reduces enemy speed|attack etc by 50%...
2) Reduces enemies damage by 50% ...
3) And finally, decrepify, reduces enemies physical resists by 50% ...

It seams to me that both items 1) and 2) are more like a defense skill than geting life returned back to you when you damage your enemy.

Its not that I dont like decrepfy; it is an awesome skill, but life tap is just better and you need way less items to make a built work.

axe if you have the riches to afford the likes of botd//beast//death etc. however... if you're slightly lesss fortunate go for swords, cos their are plenty of cheap nice uniques to use and when you do get enough wealth, you can make death and botd in cb/cs
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