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Mar 12, 2020
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Hi Everyone!​
This is a quick notice to say that there will be some forum updates coming. This is quite a big job so you may expect some strange stuff happening from time to time. This upgrade will hopefully bring some new features which we plan on building on in the weeks and months ahead.​
This week's updates may take a few days to complete and although we have already run some tests, pushing things live never usually go to plan :) . Rush thinks he is ready to deploy stuff so fingers crossed.​
A few of you have taken out a PurePremium account which has allowed us to start using funds to expand and improve the site moving forwards. We want to make sure any support it being used on improvements so people see the benefits directly. Many thanks to those members for chipping in. It's a huge help!​
Anyway, if you see errors or style strangeness do not panic. It's us getting things setup :)
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Ok folks!

An update for you all. Progress has been made and there are a few new features that I want to test out.

First of all, there is a new theme! Yes, an all-new style with some bells and whistles. The theme is called PureDiablo and you can select it from the bottom left of any page or in your preferences. This default theme for now.

I want some feedback on the new theme so do test it out.

One of the new features added to all posts and thread is called "Ignore". You can select threads to completely ignore, in other words, you filter them out. You can reinstate them at any time in your preferences.

The new theme is quite a change but it comes with width toggles, sidebar toggles and more.

Let me know what you think because there may be some styling tweaks still required.
Looks good at a cursory glance. Everything seems to work that I clicked on. I switched back to default because I have a tiny monitor.
I do like the colour. It's looking like a refreshed, new and improved!
@superdave , Yes, if you have a tiny monitor then it may not be best for you but you can always slide away the left sidebar too.
That works!
When looking at the forum titles, those with unread threads are the same shade of brown as those with threads that have been read. Also when you highlight text to copy, you can't see what you have selected.
Will check on this stuff. I am still tinkering and have done something I didn't mean to. Now I can't find it lol :)
It's in the last place you will look.
A heads-up, work is still ongoing. As @superdave has already noticed, the centralised user account system and forums is coming together and should be complete by the end of the week. The main central hub can be found over on PureDMG is effectively our central point everything we do moving forwards. It's still being worked on at the moment but you can have a nose around and feel free to help get the videogame forum kicked off too. You can use that forum to post opinions, news, rumours or anything videogame related you want to get off your chest :)
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