Fool's Claw question


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Apr 11, 2006
Fool's Claw question

I have a ww/trap hybrid which is a great char. (Thank you Happy for your guide).

I'm pretty much done with gear, but i'm looking to improve my fool's claw. Right now I have a pretty nice one that I shopped at Anya and luckily Larzuk gave two sockets:

Fool's Blade Talons of Quickness 'UmUm'

So it has fools, 50% OW, and a total of -60 ias.

Pretty decent, but no skills. Here's my question:

If I'm going to trade for a better claw, what should the minimum be that I should look for? I don't want to trade a lot of good gear for a claw that in the end isn't really that much better than what I have now.

If for example, a fool's claw with really good skills and ias comes up, but it only has 1 socket, is that better than what i have now? How important are the skills on the claw?
This depends on that if you are more the traps type or the ww type . If you are the traps type look for fools mod 2 sin skills 3 ls ias ed sockets . If you are the ww type - Fools / ed / venom / Ias / Sockets . If the claws reach their speed - socket them with um if not - ias jewels with other mods or shael runes. All depends on what type of ww/ls hybrid are you.
My skills are pretty much max venom and max ls,cbs,sw, and pre-reqs with a few in fade. I like to ww more than trap, I find the traps support my ww rather than the ww supporting the traps. In that case I guess the OW is more important which I already have on my fools claw?

With the fool's claw I have now (fools blade talons of quickness) would I hit max trap speed with my runic chaos? So that's -70 on the chaos, -60 on the fool's, and a 15%ias jewel in hat.
Yes you do hit max trap laying speed with these claws and the jewel i the hat. Yes ow is more important in your case when traps are ww supporters . All depends on the game play . In your case you could swap your fools to a better one with fools mod ed ias / sockets venom aswell. Depends on what you find and what its price is.
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