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Nov 12, 2009
Fishyzon Help

Name: Bugga
Class: Amazon
Experience: 441243170
Level: 75

Strength: 92/112
Dexterity: 131/151
Vitality: 222/237
Energy: 15/15
HP: 844/854
Mana: 126/212
Stamina: 360/360
Defense: 32/464
AR: 625/18228

Fire: 77/37/-23
Cold: 129/89/29
Lightning: 133/93/33
Poison: 168/128/68

MF: 182 Block: 55
GF: 50
FR/W: 30
FHR: 30
IAS: 0
FCR: 10

Freeze merc with Tals helm/Hwainn's wep/Templar Coat

FA/LF/CS are all maxed
CA is level 13ish

I am not sure where to invest skill points after I have completed the main build, I have Peace and the CtC Valk is rather usless, making me not want to go that root, I have heard Decoy is nice. ATM i have 0 d/a/e I dont know if that is the way to go or not, but thats what fishy suggests. My mercs biggest problem is his retardedness, but thats nothing new. How is my Str/dex? to much, to little? i'm getting to that part of the game where i would like to get all I am going to need stat wise. How is my FHR and block and how important is it?

Thank you
Re: Fishyzon Help

Hey there, hope you're enjoying your Fishyzon. I'd recommend taking a look at the pat/mat sticky and seeing what other people have done with their Fishyzons (aka LF/FA zons). I've been running WSK+Baal with one I recently matted myself.

For your stats, it looks like you probably have enough str/dex, depending on what you plan to wear. I'm not going to say "too much", because 40hp more or less isn't going to make that big of a difference, assuming you play SC. I have higher str on mine, but that's because she wears a Stormshield (156 str req) for the great %DR, but if you don't have (or don't care to use) a Stormshield then you can get by with lower str and get max block easily enough from something like Whitstan's Guard or Moser's (and Moser's generously comes with 2 sockets).

You want your dex high enough for max block with whatever shield you've chosen, of course.

For skills, once you finish the build, the few skillpoints you'll have left won't make a huge difference anywhere. But, there are still some options that IMO are far more worthwhile than that D/A/E crap:

1. Pierce: Enough points for your +skills gear to get it up to 9 -- that's 69%, and that gives you 100% pierce with Razortail belt equipped. You could add more points here if you don't have Razortail, but I wouldn't opt for that myself--with the diminishing returns, you get fairly little for the extra skillpoints put into Pierce, so I'd rather just settle for 69% pierce until you find Razortail.

2. Decoy: A couple more points here is nice, so your decoys can take more punishment before you have to recast them.

3. A lightning synergy: It won't do much for LF (1% per synergy point), but each point will help you kill a bit faster with CS, which is nice when you're bringing down Baal.
Re: Fishyzon Help

I've never played a fishyzon (though I've been thinking about it recently), but I have played a bunch of bowazons and I usually use valk and decoy. If you have just a single hard point in valk, then the CtC valk from peace won't poof. It will also get synergies from decoy, so it will be a pretty reliable tank.

From reading Nightfish's guide, I got the impression that a fishyzon kills things faster than they can reach her, and if that's the case, then maybe a valk wouldn't help much. Valks walk kind of slow, so if you're running around really fast and don't need a tank, it might not be useful. If your merc usually tanks stuff (or you wish he could), then a valk would be a big help. If your merc doesn't usually reach the bad guys to tank them before they die, a valk probably wouldn't either.

Decoys are incredibly useful. You can scout with them, draw ranged fire away from yourself, block doorways, distract monsters, block lightning sparks from LE bosses, get monsters to clump together around them, help your merc and/or valk tank by taking some of the heat off for a second, and probably some more that I can't think of off the top of my head. One point is useful, more makes them cheaper, tougher, and more resistant.
Re: Fishyzon Help

Hmm interesting, see my zon dosn't have any points in decoy or any of the prereq, i have always thought of it as a skill whos only purpose was to be used to play guessing games when your bored of PvPing.

Did i miss the part where Fishy says to get decoy? because it seems like every "fishyzon" has it.
Re: Fishyzon Help

[highlight]The Spare Points[/highlight]
Well, what to do with the skill points we get after the core build is finished? Basically you could take them to the dark wood in act 1 and plant a skill tree as you don’t really need them. I advise against getting a valkyrie as dodge / avoid / evade will cause your attacks to miss occasionally and they are not needed to be safe. Imo the best option is to dump the remaining points into decoy. It isn’t the world hottest tank but it’ll be keep lister occupied for the 2 seconds it takes to fry him. Anyway, do with them as you see fit. Keep in mind that I warned you if you cannot hit the little flayers on lvl 3 because 100 blowdarts interrupt your every attack due to evade.

My bold added for emphasis. So, while it isn't really in the listed skills, he still does advocate it as the best addition to the build.

I really need to finish my SC version of this character when my main rig gets back up and running, that way I'll know if I want to make it in HC.

Re: Fishyzon Help

Ahh thanks matt, guess i know where my next few points are going.

hmm, from what I'm reading/experiancing the worst of the grind is A3-A4 hell, I need insight desperatly, i think I kind of drag my feet when it comes to switching to FA and spamming mana pots at LI's it also seems like my FA is vary weak atm
Re: Fishyzon Help

You can certainly get by without decoy--it adds some safety and convenience, but it's not a necessity. While questing with my Fishyzon I didn't even bother experimenting with decoy use until late in Act V Hell.

I'm assuming that you plan to run WSK with your Fishyzon, though, and that's where I've found Decoy the most helpful. On a level with no LIs, you can usually just LF and not bother with decoy; but when you're facing nastier boss packs and large groups of gloams, decoy makes it easier to keep your merc alive and allow yourself some breathing room so you can stand still and spam LF or FA instead of running around dodging a barrage of missile fire.

It also can help offensively--when you cast it ahead of yourself, melee monsters crowd around it, which helps you take advantage of pierce, and for LIs it helps you get more monsters within FA's radius.
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