Fire Sorc Question


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Jun 27, 2003
Fire Sorc Question

Hi, I've a lvl 78 Fire Sorc with Fire Bolt / Fire Ball / Meteor / Fire Mast maxed. Which skills should i go for now? I also got 1 point each into tele / static / warmth. Should i put more points into Warmth 'cause i do have mana problem with her. What about telek + e-shield route? Any kind of suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:
Depending on your use of her, some people put points into Tele, ussualy for dueling purposes, 5 extra mana per cast may not seem like much, but it adds up.
I forgot to mention this is for pvm / hardcore. Should i just got for Enchant? spread the points between Enchant and Warmth? or go for Enchant then Warmth? Thanks you so much for your guys help!!
I dont know about that... if you can't get alot of points into TK, than your mana will take huge losses = no tele= dead... in hardcore... this is best avoided.
I think Hydra might work well for hardcore, and you've already fully synergised it.
You've got a solid timered spell and a solid fast-cast spell. Mr recommendations:
-Static. Get it up nice and high, so you can stay farther away (excellent in HC). You'll want it against FIs.
-Warmth. More regen=less mana=more life.
-1pt cold armor (useful with melee attackers).
-Enchant. Boosts party damage/AR. Allows merc to hit a ton for those FIs.

You don't really have enough points left to pursue a secondary attack. ES requires a huge point outlay.

Out of curiosity, how do you deal with FIs?
options, options, options

I would say put one point in hydra for sure. With decent gear on and the two synergies pumped as they are a 1 point hydra can help a lot in hardcore. It's a great scout because it fires at things whether they are immune to fire or not so you don't get caught by suprise.

I also like hydra for killing gloams and witches from around corners. These buggers have very large awareness radii so I just sit back cast a few hydras, take a sip of coffee and collect the loot in complete safety. The monsters won't die instantly,... but then again, neither will you :)

I would agree with the comments above that static should have a functional range, and I am a big fan of shiver armor as well (if gear is nice then 1 point is fine for both of these).

Any remaining points I would probably funnel into enchant myself. While the dammage may be less than spectacular, the bonus to attack rating is great versus everything, whether it's immune to fire or not. Don't forget that 65% fast cast + telekinesis is amazing for helping your merc vs fire immunes also.

Dedicated fire sorcs are easily my favorite single tree path. So many tricks up their sleeve :thumbsup:

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