finding high runes


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Aug 6, 2005
finding high runes

i'm playing d2 for so many years, first on sp and last two years on bnet. i played all characters and subversions of characters on hell, and best rune that i find (i'm not counting forge) is mal.

so i m very suspicious about quantity of hr-s on bnet and their legitimity

p.s. my brother found vex once (some 5 years ago)
99% of all hrs on bnet are dupes. Don't be surprised. It's old news.

Your best chance to find hrs yourself is Hell Hellforge, which can drop up to Gul.

Congrats on your brother's Vex, and your Mal. I'm still looking for my first dropped hr. Best I've gotten so far is an Um from the Countess, and a random place in Hell.
I got an Ist before (during a Pit run at the beginning of the last ladder), but that's the hundreds (re: thousands) of hours I have played this game.

i've found everything but cham, hundreds of thousands of .09 cow games and you'll see just about anything (didn't find a zod till 1.10 though)
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