FINALly Fridaily


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Oct 17, 2007
FINALly Fridaily

No one put one up yet? Geez, everyone must be reading the 1.13 topic... :p

RL: Last day of finals for me. That's at 3:00, but I'll be going in early to "study." Going to see my girlfriend after that. Not much else is new in life other than that though.

D2: The 1.13 news has me pretty excited. I'm not going to jump right in and download it yet, but I like most of the changes so far. I am going to start up 1.07 soon though...
Re: FINALly Fridaily

D2: refreshing 1.13 thread periodically, and thinking about what I'm going to do about it. I spent some time this morning going through my retired characters, and thinking about respecs. Still unsure about the whole thing. As far as playing goes - no plans at the moment.

RL: I'm working, apparently.
Re: FINALly Fridaily

RL: Work is destroyed by 1.13.

D2: I`m also thinking pretty hard about what to do. I`m leaning towards a complete restart, and have honestly though about that a lot lately. Will be hard to just throw a Ber out the window, though. Either way, I`m going to quest a werebear today.
Re: FINALly Fridaily

RL: D2! What else at this point?

D2: Thinking about 1.13 and LK'ing. "Only" a Ber from Enigma now, so with my rune luck it should be a few hours at most.. :)
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RL: Almost Saturday here and this weekend is gonna be a scorcher in Perth! 36C tomorrow and 39C on Sunday, it's gonna be horrible!

Did some work on a school assignment today, just about finished with it. Unfortunately I have 3 more assignments with varying submission dates, all from next Friday and up to 4 weeks from now, phew.

D2: Haven't played for a few days, haven't got the urge really, been watching True Blood.
Re: FINALly Fridaily

Rl : working, working and working. Looking forward to the holidays.

D2 : Starting another batch of HF rushees. I will certainly need 2-3 more sets to get my death sword together. I cannot do rushing for more than a hour at a time, so the progress is farily slow.

ovg : Still admin of the Trackmania Server, but not doing more than a little cleaning up on the server every now and then.
Re: FINALly Fridaily

Smips: Good luck with exam(s)! :)

Fabian: MORE runes? :crazyeyes:

RL: Cram now, enjoy weekend later. Just two more items to deal with, one today, one next week. Weather's getting warming recently unfortunately, but winter's just begun, so hopefully things will change.

D2: Barring some MP in the evening, or a sudden urge to run LK some more, nope.

OVG: <3 Mabi for actually being challenging, unlike 1.13 D2. :p
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RL: Nephew's 2 year birthday party this evening, Work Holiday party tomorrow, Football Sunday

D2: Unlikely, unless a neat MP game is up

OVG: Replaying Super Mario World on GBA/DS and Bejeweled, waiting for the holidays to end so I can play the games I get, buy the games I don't :)

Have a good weekend all!
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RL: Last day of final exams. No biggie.

D2: Paladin is still having trouble with Andy, so I'm working him up to 77 running countess and Mausoleum/Crypt. He does ok in both areas, but still has trouble with the ghost bosses in the tower. Experience is slower in the M/C but the items are better to make up the difference. I'll be ready to kill Andy tomorrow.
Re: FINALly Fridaily

Cool, I made the front page of the site.

RL: Was finally rescued by a neighboor with a working snowblower so I was able to drive to the store and buy some milk. :thumbup:

D2: Don't know whether I should continue to play 1.12a or 1.13.
Re: FINALly Fridaily

RL: Another day in Paradise: continue work on the application form I mentioned yesterday (quite a bit more complex than I anticipated), maybe some NaNo, food, clothes-washing, some work on the graffiti project(s), and . . .

D2: . . . cursing about the lack of SP content 1.13. iirc, when they asked for input on the new patch, all the bneters wanted respecs and a larger stash, while at least 3 SPers per page wanted Bnet content in SP. What, so they pay us absolutely no mind?

I continue my hiatus unabashed.
Re: FINALly Fridaily

RL: Leaving for Florance, AL, for Saturday's Division II National Championship <football> game. Its a 12 hour bus ride :coffee:, but thankfully I won't be spending any of that behind the wheel. :D The hometown team has lost the game the past four years in a row, but we're hoping to Git 'R Done this year. Be sure to look for me on t.v., I'll be the guy in the green shirt. :grin:

D2: Cursing the infernal 1.13 patch. *shakes fist*
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OVG: Replaying Super Mario World on GBA/DS

This is Super Mario Advance 2? I've looked into them at the local gamestops (there are 2 within a mile of each other) but almost any title with mario in it is 24.99. I should look at the Bull Moose. I've bought video games there before and I think most of the gba games they have are 12.97 and I can get points on Mikes card for it. I'm lacking for GBA games atm, got any recomendations?

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RL: Finished my first full week of the new hours at work. Not impressed. :unimpressed:

The computer tech is supposed to make an appearance tonight. ...It's 6:30pm and I haven't heard a single thing from him. ... AND as I was writing this message for the daily, my computer froze and gave me a BSOD. For no explicable reason, my computer is not visibly doing anything at all, but the CPU is running at 100% and is at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Csrss.exe and the AVG processes are doing it all. ...WHY??

AND... BSOD #2 while I was writing the update about the first BSOD. CPU's still completely taxed. I am livid. :rant:

Tomorrow's looking like a bummer of a day. Going to the funeral service of the coworker who died a little while ago. Probably spending the rest of the afternoon/night with the GF, though, so maybe it'll all turn out OK.

D2: Not on this machine, that's for sure.
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@Fabian: That's crazy. And with 1.13, the rates should be going up even higher. Are you currently playing 1.13?

This is Super Mario Advance 2? I've looked into them at the local gamestops (there are 2 within a mile of each other) but almost any title with mario in it is 24.99. I should look at the Bull Moose. I've bought video games there before and I think most of the gba games they have are 12.97 and I can get points on Mikes card for it. I'm lacking for GBA games atm, got any recomendations?

Are you a RPG fan? FFIV, FFV, FFVI, BoF, BoFII, GS, GS II, Zelda: The Minish Cap. Are you into tactical games? Then I hear Advance Wars I and II is very GG. Into addicting adventure games? Pokemon. Yes, Pokemon. Play it with shame for its uber addicting fun. I have to hide myself on the bus when I play it. :(

RL: 1/3 exams done. 2 to go. This is going to be an extremely painful 7 days. To make things worse, I wasted over 6 hours yesterday and today playing around on PTR. I then ran Cows all morning hoping for a HR to drop, even though I know the odds aren't that great. Then some people tell me that I should be running Trav instead, especially since with a GG Horker you can score a HR from Ohm to Cham on average every 30 hours of game play.

D2: Ugh, no more. Study study study. Not signing off the forums though, I need to see how 1.13 turns out. :whistling:

OVG: Eternal Sonata... no wait, I can't. :(

Re: FINALly Fridaily

RL: Survived my business trip in one piece. Roads weren't to bad except for a couple whitouts on the highway thursday headed north, and the destination city getting 17 inches of snow the day before I arrived and they didn't plow or salt so that was a complete mess there. :unimpressed:

D2: 15 hours of driving plus work in 2 days = zzzZZZZzzz.
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Computer update: I finally got a hold of the computer tech at 8:30pm. He said he forgot about me. WTF. I told him about the random BSODs I'm getting and how the CPU is maxed by AVG and a standard Windows process, to which he said, "Well, you can uninstall AVG and try something else." ...AVG isn't the point, man. It's that it's a background process that's doing nothing at that moment, and yet it's eating 70% of my CPU.

He recognized from the specs that the system is a gaming machine, and he keeps telling me, "Your computer should be able to run games 100% perfectly."


Then he asked how much I paid for it, and quickly followed up with an offer to buy it off me for about 60% of what I paid. My reply was, "I'd like you to actually take a look at it for me first." What an ***hat, he hasn't even tried to legitimately help with my issues and he's telling me that instead of helping me he's more willing to help himself.

The end of our phone conversation just solidified my opinion of him.

Me: "All right, I'll give you a call before I stop by tomorrow morning."
Him: "OK-bye-click"
Me: "OK, see you at... WHAT THE ****, YOU JUST HUNG UP ON ME, YOU ****ING ****ER!! **** YOU!!!!"
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@TRM: Do you have the install CD for the OS and the software for the new rig? If you did, have you considered reformating the hard drives and reinstalling it all from scratch? It'd be a pita but you'd know for sure that there were no 'leftovers' from the previous owner.
Re: FINALly Fridaily

No omg. I want to update, but I don't think it's clear if we "should" just yet. Waiting for the mods to say something on the matter.
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