finally a sword/shield barb for me


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Jun 18, 2004
finally a sword/shield barb for me

im finally going to built a barb to go with this sword i made a long time ago:

i have a few good items on mules, but im not totally decided on what ill wear for anything in particular yet. i do have 3 40/15ias jewels tho, so i figure im going to need to get those out and use those to speed up the slow as molasses eternity. since im not going to be getting ias from the weap, im planning to make a conc/berzerk barb. im fairly sure this will be a primaritly PvM character, but i would like to be able to at least help when someone hostiles the entire baal run (lol my doom poleaxe barb nailed a sorc as i lay in wait at the throne stairs last night.. she called me noob, but thats another story for another thread... :) )

im hoping for some decent hit recovery, ias, and blockrate, and im fairly open to any suggestions and advice, since i know there are some really knowledgable people in here. i like the look of the really big shields, but i dont know if ill get the operation im looking for from an ageis (unless i can find a 2 or 3 socket one, then i could go with splendor or sancturary).
Just make sure you don't ever want to use the charges of Revive, since you can't repair them!
brokn said:
nice sword. :worship:

thanks!! im actually a little proud of the fact that its not an ebotd (since everyone and their mama has them these days). but im sure ill be called newb in pub games a hundred times since i dont have ebotd :lol:

and yeah genxcub, when i made it, i was a little surprised it didnt come withfull charges, and i tried in vain to recharge it with cube recipie but nothing :) oh well :rant:
But see, that's the beauty of d2, there more out there than ebotd.
the game is a lot more fun when you make those odd runewords other than botd, enigma, hoto.

can i ask why people use eternity? i mean the mods aren't excessively great and the rune price is really close to ebotd. and afaik ebotd is far, far, FAR better than this.

EDIT: oh, i just saw brokn's post. style points, huh... lol.
Ooh, tough one. There's a reason why most people wouldn't use one of those. You could make a lvl 63 charger with that badboy and go PK some people :uhhuh: Or, perhaps a berserker with lots and lots of ias jewels...

1xx ed/60 ias jeweler`s armor of stability,
1xx ed/60 ias jeweler`s shield of deflecting,
highlord`s, 20 ias gloves, ed/ias arreat`s, in rest the other standard gear and 9 fps berzerk/conc...not worth it.
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