Few quick questions about Summon Druid

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Jan 19, 2006
Few quick questions about Summon Druid

I'm trying to make my own excel document to get some "theory" stats and attributes for my "final gear" build. Just have a few questions if someone could help regarding some skills for my build. Anyway, here they are:

If I use Beast zerker axe as my switch (for the fanat aura) and since the runeword gives +3 werebear, +3 lycanthropy does this also get bonuses from my +all skills/ +druid skills equipment? For example, I get +3 lycanthropy from Beast but get 15 +all skills from other gear, does this give me lvl 18 Lycanthropy? If so, I still get the 115% extra life bonus when I shift into werebear? Also, I get level 18 werebear as well? and I get extra 50% life for werebear plus the 115% from lycanthropy? I'm only asking these questions because I am unable to check this for myself to verify. If someone knows or is willing to test for me, please let me know.

Another question... since battle.net's skill listing stops at level 20 what life bonus does a level 38 oak sage give? Has anyone attempted to do your own calculations prior to actually getting your "final gear" to actually test it all out? I'm seeing some values that seem a little high... not sure if this is typical when attempting to figure it out on your own or maybe I am missing some values somewhere.

I have made some calculations based on final gear and all the +bonuses to life and it looks like my druid with every point in vit will be having over 10k life at level 90 with above mentioned bonuses. If someone could please give some advice or let me know what I should be seeing it would be appreciated. Just thought I would ask you guys since some of you like the questions you have to research. Again, thanks for the help ahead of time.
:: Update ::

After asking my friend to do some tinkering with some programs he has we were able to get a rough guestimate of my final life after gear and all. The life for normal/unshifted/no sage druid is about 1613. Life after sage is about 5303. Life after werebear+sage is about 7857. Apprx. life unshifted after bo + sage is 8719. Apprx. life after shifted with bo + sage is 11206ish. Again, these are all approximate values based on the +bonuses after equipment and everything. Again, keep in mind this would be the life for my DRUID himself.. not the pets. ;-) I plan to make this build just the way I did it for my calculations. I will then keep you all posted on how well it fairs in the difficulties as well as possible PVP.
Something seems wrong with those numbers, many WW druids who max out lycan have trouble getting their life over 10k, but it may be possible, ill look up on how +life gear effects bonuses etc later and report back, anyway, the answer to your first question is yes, they will add with +skills, and for your second question, I will refer you to a very nice druid calculator that someone (I forgot who) was kind enough to make for us druid summoners, http://tph.tuwien.ac.at/~gottwald/druid_pet_calculator.html, go here and tinker with the mods to find out what lvl an oak sage will give etc, though for a druid summoner, I personally always go with HoW... best of luck!

remember +vit and +life/lvl do not get boosted by lycanthropy/BO/oak so eg torch/anni/verdungo etc dont really count in base life they just get added at the end that will make quite a big difference.
there are inconsistencies with your numbers the way it works is:
base * (1+oak%/100+lycanthropyincbear%/100+bo%/100)+(vit+life/lvl stuff)
think you mixed up bo and lycan at one point (lycan seems too low even if this is the case) and are using barb bo?
anyway if you do really get total life of 11k and 'includes' vit thats ~1k off.

Just to let you know, I am basing that off of my friends level 49 barb bo. Also, by the end of my +skills from equipment/charms i plan to have about a level 47 oak sage. My friend has a barb that gets 11k life if he uses his BO and shapeshifts into werebear without any oak sage. So... I don't think it's completely impossible if I get 11k life with BO and oak sage for my druid.
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