Few Fury Werewolf Questions


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Dec 3, 2009
Few Fury Werewolf Questions

1. As uniques I have jalal's mane, soul drainer, string of ears, gore riders. Am I able to socket them all? If not then which can I socket? And what should I socket them with?

2. Should I use a 2 handed weapon or a 1 hander + a shield? (I can't afford a ribcracker) so it's 1h eth botd / stormshield (or phoenix) OR tomb reaver as 2h OR 2h botd.

3. What kind of inventory of charms should I have? Do I get torch + anni + druid kill large charms?
Re: Few Fury Werewolf Questions

1. only helms, armor, shields and weapons can be socketed.
2. ??? you can afford botd but not ribcracker? 2-handed for PvM, eth tomby is da best!
3. Shapeshift skillers, AR/life charms.
Re: Few Fury Werewolf Questions

Are you looking to do pvm or pvp or a mix of both?

Reason i ask is that you should socket your items with stats that you wont want on charms like faster hit recovery and what not if you are aiming for pvp.

Your best bet is stormshield since the block is superior to Phoenix meaning less dexterity points. Forget that phoenix sheild if you are digging the edmg% on it. A nice two hander goes a long way in pvm and a ebotd Greater Poleaxe is a nice alternative to eth tombreaver.
Re: Few Fury Werewolf Questions

I am looking for a mix of both. Wouldn't a two hander be better for pvp anyways since block is useless vs casters?

And are you sure a 2 hander should be eth? Isn't it better to get a non-eth + a shael rune to make it faster?

Anyways thanks for both of your replies. But what jewels should I put in the sockets?

Edit: Is a non-eth tomb reaver a good idea? And what should I put into the 3 sockets?
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