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Umm... it's not uncommon for bosses to drop low end items.

Also, the odds of Baal dropping this are 1:4947 and the odds of Pul dropping are 1:39775, so you're not even close to finding a high rune.
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Coldcrow in normal mode has a 1 in 829 chance to drop it, with 0%MF and with 500%MF, the chance is 1 in 312. It's nealy as good with the other low act 1 superuniques, like Bishibosh, Bonebreaker and Corpsefire. However, I would go for the normal cow king, he can also drop the low TC uniques with (in comparison) high qlvls, like Sander's Paragon or Tancred's Hobnails, for example.

BTW, the number of players and party size doesn't affect drop chances of super-uniques.

For more information, see the single-player forum, it's probably full of MF fanatics who can surely give you more tips :smug:.
Re: Felloak

Thank god Blizzard didn't introduce mercs who can wear axes, together with the existence of (ethereal!!) Felloaks it would be a too great imbalance.
Re: Felloak

And Baal rolls the lowest enhanced damage of it too.
Re: Felloak

get a minor mana pot off Hell Baal and crai.

it's the second rarest thing for him to drop.

after a Zod and before a Cham......
Re: Felloak

I bet you forgot to make a screenshot :smug:.
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