fcr question


Dec 2, 2006
fcr question


im building a bone necro atm and im having some smaller issues with hitting the 125 fcr.

I got deli for head and eni for bod-ey which gives no fcr

my main weps are white + homononculus (or whatever its called ^^)
switch is wizspike + eyeless.

ill switch when i tele, so that gives 50 (wizspike) + 20 (eyeless)
70 sofar.

I'll be using Magefist (20 fcr) which gives 90 in total
i dno what belt ill be using. prolly tal since i got one to spare :p
i got 1ist in total as my fortune atm lol

If im that desperate, i guess i could throw in two +10 fcr rings but id prefer to keep raven/dwarf xD

For amu ill be using some blue one with +2 pb skills.
Shoes... I'm not sure. Maybe the disciple set shoes? ^^

someone help me plz :D
A Spirit Shield will have 25-35% fcr, but you'll need lots of strength for it.

If you can build your wealth a bit, you might be able to trade an Arachnid's Belt, which has 20% fcr.

Or, if you're on Europe Softcore Ladder, you could try it in Ezbtuco's latest giveaway thread.
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