Famine or Hand of Justice?


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Dec 14, 2006
Famine or Hand of Justice?

Hi there, I am thinking of making a weapon for my smiter. I grabbed a 4os one handed axe today, not eth though. However, I dunno which runeword is better for a smiter pally, Famine or Hand of Justice?

Btw, I am quite poor and cant afford a lot, and I am a NL player, thats why I am preparing for these "mid-level" rune words. =)
neither, use those HRs to make a Grief instead. Another alternative for ubers is Last Wish.

cheap options are some of the unique pally scepters or for example Fleshripper.
If you cant trade for a grief(highly recomended) I would prefer the famine over hoj. For grief and famine i would use a phase blade for a PvM smiter.
For me a smiter without grief is only half a smiter, the diffrence to famine is to huge.
being nl he can't make grief or last wish.

i'm not sure what grief is worth nl, but i paid 15 hrs for my last wish.

so i doubt he can afford either.

out of the two i would go with famine, just because it adds a ton of elemental damage to your attack.
is elemental dmg added to smite? didn't know that... also didn't see the "poor" section. Hmm, else you can get an Astreon's Iron Ward or the already mentioned Fleshripper <3
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Thank you.
No, the ele damage does not add to smite. If you can't get grief or LW, I would suggest looking over some uniques.
I'd save those runes and look for an Astreons or Heaven's Light instead.
A pure smiter has no benefit from famine. A lot of PvM smiters are zeal/smiters, famine is an option then.

An other route is the high cb one, which is cheaper and sad to say less versatile in PvM imo.
Thx guys, then which one is better? ebotd or grief?

Oh, I mean zerk axe =)

For a smiter, grief - preferrably in a phase for PvM, as the cost to repair a zerker grief is annoying. If you can't get that, then go for a build with high crushing blow, and hybrid yourself with zeal, so that your ebotd will do something worthwhile.

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