Faith: Matri or GMB?


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Mar 1, 2009
Faith: Matri or GMB?

Well, I've tested both of these bows with no max dmg charms.
Which one would be better in PvP:
1)Matri, 7 fpa attack, 3.1k GA dmg
2)GMB, 8 fpa attack, 4.5k GA dmg ?

If I concider getting a ciclet a bit simillar to 120/45, then ofc I would get the GMB. But I want to know your opinions which one would be better without the ciclet.

And what helm should I use instead of 120/45- Shako? Valk? ...? (both with 15 ias jewels)

Thank you
Re: Faith: Matri or GMB?

Have you checked Tienje's guide? I think it delaborates on all the things you have questions about.

P.S. You want 7fpa. It's a given. So your gmb setup isn't good enough ihmo.
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