facets trigger when unshifted 1 hp & death question///possible twizted idea...


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Jun 23, 2003
facets trigger when unshifted 1 hp & death question///possible twizted idea...

I read that only two facets will trigger once a character that has one {of death} dies. First is this true?

I remember when i first started playing with my old mauler in 1.10, and i had my hands on a hoj scourge {wasnt too fast, but it was sexy and all that jazz}. And i was thinking of how cruel it might be to take this possible bug and twist it around quite a bit.

I know the idea of a suicide bear has been around for a while, but thats not what i'm talking about here...

I'm deeply considering rebuilding my mauler {there is a post a lil below with two sshots {dirty sshots, need to find a better hosting site}}, and in dueling i remember that he really threw alot of people off by tanking anything. He was very effective at wearing down melee builds {barbs mostly, zealots usualy had enough ar to break him}.

Possible idea, tell me if this might work;
Near the end of the duel before my poor damageless bear is about to give in and deshift, i hit the 'w' button and pop out a medusa's gaze socketed with a die facet {possilby lighting?}, and a perfect -%res deaths web with another die facet {poison}.

First question; the light facet in the medusas gives chain lightning when one dies, but medusas gives nova. If only two facets trigger when one dies, does this also mean that only two of the three listed above would trigger? Or does medusas not count as a facet?

Main question; is this bad manners? Because i know this would really[highlight]word edited, watch your language[/highlight] up any zealot in temple..

edits; the chance to cast lower res on medusas is just gravy, but would a multiple socketed sheild work better?
dunno about the medusas but i can test to see if deshifting counts as dieing and cause the facet to active.. ill try with rauth by giving him my beast and letting his windy shift into bear form.
proudfoot said:
Please don't bypass the swearing filter, though.

Sorry, I guess the idea of my damageless character i once had possibly hurting people got to me.

@ dkay, that would be nice. :thumbsup:
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