Facet Jewels


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Nov 4, 2004
Facet Jewels

I'm curious at what acts & difficulty setting you start to see Facet Jewels Drop from chests or monsters? Since I just entered NM I was wondering if I stand any chance of finding one soon or if its only in Hell that they appear?
They are qlvl 85, which means only monsters and chests that are level 85 or above can drop them.
So you need to be not just in Hell, but in the very highest level areas of Hell.
when u do get to hell, Mephi has been kind to me, I have 2 from him now!

(Thats about about 500 runs btw)

heard rumors that andy is ok 2, but she hasnt given me any.
andy is only lvl 75 in hell so if jewels (unique ones) only drop from lvl 85 areas then she could not drop one.
On the other hand I have head that blood raven could drop one as well.
Blood Raven is mlvl 88 in Hell.
In 1.10 Hell diff, mlvl is not very closely related to progress through the game any more.
I've found about 6-7 facets, all from hell meph. I got good ones and bad ones. They can be very frustrating as a good one can be worth alot while a low one is worth nothing. The best I found are 5/5 cold and 5/5 lightning...both level up :grrr:

I filled a 4 sockets monarch with lightning facets (not all 5/5 unfortunatly). My lightning zon likes it, cows don't :lol:

Good luck
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