[EuScL] Dream/FO sorc...

Silent Shaddow

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May 19, 2006
[EuScL] Dream/FO sorc...

erm this has probably been posted a hundred times, but plz, bear with me...

i wanna build a dual dream max lighting mastery FO sorc
ie i dont intend to melee at all (at this point in time :rolleyes:)

my question is:
if i max light mastery and have dual dreams and maybe infinity can i get away with just pulse dmg? and does the light aura share with merc? and should i put a dream on him?

i dont like single element sorcs so i would want FO atleast as well, maybe even blizzard if thats possible...

or do i have 2 melee? :undecided:
in which case ill look a guide...
The pulse dmg alone won't kill anything (at least most of things) in hell. You need to at least deliver ranged physical damage (i.e. javalin/throwable), although melee attack will deliver much more damage due to the mastery being applied twice.
The aura from your dual-dream will not apply to your merc, and putting a dream on merc will not stack with yours, so it's pointless.
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