Ethereal Question

Nov 18, 2004
Ethereal Question

Why do most people love ethereal items? I especially noticed that rare ethereal dimensional swords are highly valued. Why? :scratch:

I understand that ethereal weapons do more damage than regular versions of the weapon, and that the armors have higher defenses that the regular armors, but they break within a few dungeon runs. Unless some people have tons of zods lying around (not that anyone does) how is it possible that ethereal weapons are even useful, never mind valuable?
Like all the high runes, ZODs are rather common due to duping and botting. Ever noticed that people just "get" enigmas and botds and other stuff these days?

"dimensional blades" are indestructible.

For normal players without ZODs, items with autorepair/autoreplenish can be ethreal as well.

EDIT: almost forgot THE use for ethreal items: mercs. Items on mercs don't get damaged.
Myrkah-2: Not true. Dismensional blades are destructible. When you upgrade them to Phase Blades, they don't have durabilty and thus are indistructible.
etheral items such as cbs and zerkers are common items for botd and will be indestructable with the zod rune in the runeword.

also items/runewords such as skullders and exile have the mod repairs duribility in x seconds so ppl want eth items for those too
Eth titan's - replenishes
Eth Hone Sundan Yari - repairs

Eth weapons in general are prized in hardcore dueling for the extra dmg/hit.
Not to mention that some ethereal items look very cool : Ethereal Oculus, Ethereal AoKL, Ethereal Gull Dagger... Those ones won't lose any durability since you don't strike with them (no physical damage).

What's more, if you're a Necro, you can use your ethereal uniques to create a powerful... ethereal Iron Golem :thumbsup: !
if you find a rare ethereal dimensional blade with exceptional mods (400%+ ed) you can upgrade it to phase blade keeping the ethereal bonuses and making it indestructible. Thus being able to socket it with something else than zod and keeping the indestructability. That's why rare eth dimensional blades can be so fabulous
Have you actually upped an ethereal weapon? I just want to make sure the ED stays when upped, unlike with armor where the eth bonus is lost.
the base damage or defence is always rerolled when upgraded.

upgrading eth items is always a gamble
many low level duelers enjoy the -10 on an items reqs when ethereal too.

even if repair is lacking.. some items still last a while and give the dueler plenty of killing time while they also look out for a new one.
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