Eth Death Cleaver.....useless now..?


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Aug 4, 2005
Eth Death Cleaver.....useless now..?

umm, what happened to the eth death cleaver? i remember it used to be the #1 weapon of choice for CH zealots, now it seems like grief is taking over....
- hmm, Death has much lower DS%, meaning you have to make it up through other slots.
- No IAS, which is a big factor, again, need to make it up through other slots
- no -%def, IMO, -33% Def >> +20% AR
-the CB on Death is a waste in PVP
- the only thing it shines over DC is the dmg, that is if you get a good roll, say 375%

- Rune master is nowhere near compared to DC, no DS, no IAS, range 2, no - Def.
- You can try every combination of runes/jewels for those 5os, but it still won't even come close to a DC.
- The CBF on Rune Master is the only thing worth mentioning, and that can easily be replaced by a Cham somewhere.

Correct me if i'm wrong here, but for Zeal, if the initial hit misses, the next 4 hits will miss as well? So Dmg here is secondary, Chance to hit is way more important.
A ton of zealers still used edc. And in if you do any private melee duels or tournys greif is not allowed. This was taken from the rules for one place that does private melee duels:

List of commonly used BMed gear:
-Death vs. characters with interruptable attacks (all except Conc, Zeal)
-Exile vs. non-Pallies
Estimated market value