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erm.... help?


Nov 22, 2008
erm.... help?

i used search function, and it gave me damage calculator, and i do not want that.

only reason why i am asking this, is because outside this site calculator gave me shocking results, here is what it gave me:

result a)

20 fire bolt
20 fire ball
11 fire mastery

fire ball damage: 1561-1721

result b)

20 fire bold
20 fire ball
10 meteor
1 fire mastery

fire ball damage: 1348-1531

so as you can see, Fire Mastery with 7% extra fire damage per level give more damage then synergy of 14% per level meteor?

i need help with either:

a) explaining to me what the hell is going on

b) providing working calculator ;)

Re: erm.... help?

Synergies and Mastery are multiplicative, not additive, and you already have 20 points in Fire Bolt:

   20 Fire Bolt         20*14     = +280%    = *3.8
   11 Fire Mastery      23+(11*7) = +100%    = *2

                      Base damage multiplier = *3.8*2   = *7.6

   20 FBt + 10 Meteor   30*14     = +420%    = *5.2
    1 FM                23+(1*7)  =  +30%    = *1.3

                      Base damage multiplier = *5.2*1.3 = *6.76
The calculator is accurate.
Re: erm.... help?

Another thing to keep in mind when Meteor is just used as a synergy for Fireball is that Meteor has 3 (useless) prerequisite skills that Fire Mastery doesn't... so in reality your comparison would've been more accurate to have:

20 FB, 20 fb, 11 FM


20 FB, 20 fb, 1 FM, 7 Meteor

... Of course this only applies if you don't have the skillpoints necessary to maximize your synergies/masteries. Or if you havre no interest in using Meteor itself.

Also, it's important to remember that items that boost skill levels increase your mastery, but don't increase your synergy bonuses. So depending on if you have +2 or +20 skills, it will make quite a difference.
Re: erm.... help?

I recently thought that up, and made a very successful SP full tal blizzballer. She's a week old today, and lvl 92. Died once, just before reaching 92.

Take into account that I do have a full time job, and you see how effective it is.
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