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Dec 9, 2006

I have this sword called flamedbellows which adds 18 to inferno (and 3 to fire skills) and I was going to make an enchantress with inferno, but there is no way I am ever going to get my hands on the runes for Dream (runeword).

So now I'm thinking I just go strictly inferno. The reason I wanted to be an enchanter also is because warmth gives bonus to both inferno and enchant and flamebellow is a sword with some pretty decent damage, so I figured 'why not?'

Now I'm thinking I go with just inferno, that way I can max fire mastery, inferno, warmth, and still have enough left over for shiver armor and tk+es. What do you guys think?
Before you go ahead and do that, you should know that Flamebellow only adds 6 levels of Inferno to your sorc, +3 fire skills and +3 Inferno. It is only +3 Inferno because it's an oskill for sorc.
Edit: there're more details about oskills at the bottom of this page.
also itd be two-handed on the sorc.

not much expirence with melee-sorcs but it seems like going without a shield would be a bad idea.

still, sounds like itd be a fun build
Read this.. i think it still applys.
A skill that looks very compatible with the build if Inferno. Inferno damage per second isn't bad when combined with max Warmth and the Energy Shield also benefits from Warmth. The problem is that Inferno is bugged in 1.10 (same bug that makes Wake of Inferno and Arctic Blast worthless, these skills deal only 28% of their listed damage).
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