enchantres - side skills?


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Jun 24, 2006
enchantres - side skills?


for a strange reason, I started an enchantres as first char in HC. So I have like no gear nor do I have experience. So I come down to the question, How will I survive?

So I'll max the 3 enchtant skills, and use a bow as main attack, and get a one point teleport. And then what? I read the introduction and they say you should take on defensive skills. There are only some defensive skills. And energy shield is one I wasn't considering. I was aiming for a lot of live, so energy shield would be a stupid option. That leaves me with one of the cold armours.

I have thought of some builds. And would like your oppinion.

1. On switch I could put a high defensive orientated shield and weapon and take on frozen orb. The will slow down the enemy, but I will have to invest in deterity to get max block, and I will not have any defensive spell.
2. Max out one of the armours and put some skills cold mastery. Switch as prebuff for enchant and the armour.
3. Go with a combination of the two. So max out and cold armour and still get a defensive set up on switch. Yet then I'm useless when not shooting arrow.
3. Could max out firewall and use that as a 'normal' sorceror on switch, with max block.
4. energy shield?
5. A crazy one, and probably stupid. But what if the enchant damage would be transferred to an oil potion. It probably won't but I couldn't find anything about it a still need to test this. If it did, I could build something around that, couldn't I.

So, what is the best idea to go for.

P.S. I currently lvl 7 or something, so notting is screwed up, yet. And playing battle.net, so fire immunes shouldn't be a problem given I even get there.

greetings NASE.
Why wont fire immunes be a problem? Since youre new to hc i think you should know.. public games past normal difficulty(and even some norms if there are high lvls) are very dangerous. There is a hack that lets scrublets(retarded homosapians) kill you with no time to react. Id suggest at least outfitting a merc to handle the immunes.
First HC char? Enchanter is only good for getting your other chars lvled up fast.

You dont need tons of energy for energy sheild. Thats what TK is for. Max that and less mana gets taken away each time your hit.

If your set on a sorc make a blizz or orb sorc and mf nm baal.

Other chars? Javazon/trapper/summon necro.
Maxed cold armor is a waste since your defense will suck anyway. I'd recommend getting a good Static Field radius first. Then max Orb and dump the rest into Cold Mastery.
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