Elite Friday Gibaway Poll-You Choose the Winner


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Jul 7, 2003
Elite Friday Gibaway Poll-You Choose the Winner

With so many entries and to make things fairer the winner of this weeks grand prize of a Halabred's Reign, a Demon's Arch and a Blackoak Luna will be decided by the esteemed purusers of this forum. The vote will be private so no fear of hurt feelings etc. The parameters weree to write a poem incorporating the 3 prizes names and bonus points for fitting in some bunnies. The poll is open for one day and I will then announce the winner so start messaging your friends to get on and vote for you quickly.

These are the qualifying entries to be voted on (I excluded some fine entries of people who said they did not want to win to prevent me being stuck muling these things for another week :cheesy: )

THE ENTRIES (in no partic order)

Entry No 1 teh_roy

demon's arch stabs all
hastier than fat bunnies can fall
prune to getting poked
by the luna crafted from blackoak
wielded by Max Payne
in the dark times of the Halaberd's reign

Entry No 2 Clegaw_himself

After killing pindle for the millionth time this year,
He drops a Demon's Arch balrog spear.
I quickly strap on a Blackoak luna,
Ready to face Frozenstein sooner.
But since we're nearing the end of Bunny Halaberd's reign,
Bah...GIB ITAMZZ, this is hurting my brain!

Entry No 3 jules

I guess i could try a shot at this stuff
sure my poems are girlish fluff
I am about to cry in vain because i know
i could use your beautiful Halaberd's Reign
A tunnel in the devils name a demons arch
or a dragon's layer i could go through
and mow down with my softcore baba slayer
but not my hardcore char to face through the
game and up the ladder i race but without your
godly luna there could be almost no hope
for you could inspire me even more then a pope
let the items flow to my hands and be used
they will, but at the least i would hate to see
them rotting on a stinkin mule
A bunny could make me happy but not as happy
as you for you have items from a godly game
and all he has is a tail and will soon be made into stew

Entry No 4 stevethatsmyname

there was a cute bunny named cy
who decided "a la luna" she'd fly
so she crafted a plane
with halaberd's reign
That flew her remarkably high

+ demon's arch inserted randomly in the poem.

Entry No 5 thebob

the wrath of halaberd's reign is upon you
the blackcloak luna will not save your soul from the blackness
the demon's arch will pierce your skin
while a little bunny wimpers in the shadow
if i am not to obtain these goods
i will kill viamede and feed his corpse to my dog

Entry No 6 mousewiz

If you wanna be the best
you can't be dressed
like all the rest.

I'm feeling quite starch
in my need to march
through the ladder with demon arch

with it and black oak
I'll make the kids choke
back tears when they die from one poke

and should they survive
they'll run for their lives
as in my merc dives

he'll dish out the pain
with halaberd's reign
making them go insane

for they'll never know
to use gear that's ghetto
takes skill cause they just blow.

Entry No 7 Sirbunnz

In a land of make believe, referred to as Sanctuary;
There was an old warrior of much generosity.

While trading and playing, much collecting he did,
of bright shiney things he couldn't bear to be rid.

To help fellow travellers, he did say:

oh ye whose humour i do wish to admire,
tell me a tale of rabbits and fire.

So stepped to the plate, one bunny did
and on her tail did she make her bid.

Through rain and fire this bunny spoke
of demons, devils and other evil folk.

Of halabred himself she said very little
for this bunny she did question her mettle.

To take on the king of a township once known
throughout all the land as the barbarians home.

Halabreds reign is still opined
in whispers and hushed voices throughout all the land.
Wondering where all the pieces, with powers so strange,
that bunny herself fears she'll have to arrange
for a barbarian peer to use for her gain;
The reward that she seeks from Halabreds reign.

And of demons and devils she continued to speak.
Listing for notice of all who could hear
the plan by the council to rule through fear.
and on their plan to slow and chill.

Designed of old by magicians now still,
she told of the wonderous blackoak luna
and its power to reinforce her will,
absorbing the cold and thawing her sooner.

And last did she speak with hushed voice of longing
Of a weapon so powerful it harnesses Lightning.

Of Demons Arch, indeed thus she decreed
that once armed with such power she would suceed!

Finally this bunny, she did desist
awaiting with others, inspired by lust,
the decision of the warrior
whose genoristy she trusts.

Hey, what the...

I voted for mouse-wiz.
I like the part about making kids choke back tears from dying in one poke. :lol:
Steve called me cute!!! Awwww!!!

*hisses and growls and makes fearsome clawlike gestures*

Still Had to vote for Sirbunnz - That was really really good. He and Chill should get together, they would win these things hands down.
mousewiz has my vote. tho it was close with thebob. the word "ghetto" just put mousewiz over the top for me.
I was between mousewiz and Sirbunnz. I ended up voting for the last one.

Next time you could ask for a overdrive guitar solo. Poems already suck in my mother tongue, in English it gets even harder for me to read them till the end. :scratch:
Poll is closed and Sirbunnz is the BIG WINNER :winner:

Of course it is required that all prizes be used by the winner and may not be traded, loaned, leased, stored by another player, sold, given away :scratch: ...well not again...nor conveniently lost muling, deleting a mule, or letting a character die with it in their stash or some such thing. Oh and you cant just let the mule account expire either. Actually you are also not allowed to have it on any character that leaves town unless the charcter is actually carrying or wearing it....and yeah thats about it.

Of course I can't enforce any of these just made up conditions...but there might just be a wee curse upon anyone who breaches these...um...ah...sacred...ah...rules...yeah thats it a CURSE muhahaha...might be a nasty one too....like peanut butter will taste like ummm bolgona if you break these...ah..most most sacred type rule thingees....so ah...(in big deep voice)...BEWARE THE TERRIBLE CURSE *cackles*


scared now huh...oooo yeah...your scared....

*clears throat and calms down*

Ok Sirbunnz check your PM's for details on the private mule account bearing your prizes...which shall be revealed after answering a skill testing question...or two...


Well next week looks pretty crazy right now so I don't think there will be another elite giveway. Perhaps other contests for better prizes in the near future.
*hops in and looks around*

Oh my tis true
a day of joys.
Lets all view
my new toys!

Thanks for the votes all. Ya know, I spent all weekend playing Guild Wars, I've been without net for 2 days and what a pretty surprise. I didn't even get to register a vote for anyone!

*heads off to fulfill her promises*
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