El Mortal (long term tournament)

Sep 12, 2013
How could there be a Zod God, if there weren't any El Mortals to worship him? :unsure:

El Mortal Progress Table:
Character       Level    Name             Version    Els Used   Deaths  Updated
-------------   -----    --------------   -------    --------   ------  ----------
Erdenkinder        27    D2DC             1.14d      16         4       04-08-2020

The El Mortal
El Mortal ("The Mortal" in English), is a Spanish legend in DiabloII Lord of Destruction. Nobody is feared less by the seven Great Evils and it is heard that flayers will come flocking when they hear rumors of El Mortal walking the earth. Spurned on by stories of their ancestors, each mere flayer has been instilled with a belief that they could actually vanquish one of the enemies that have so ruthlessly annihilated their brethren.

The best equipment enhanced with the highest quality of runes is too good to be entrusted to these unworthy hands. Everything that is considered high (or average) quality equipment cannot be used by El Mortal. Only the below standard equipment, which has been discarded by his betters may be picked up and used by El Mortal.
Now you may wonder. Who is this legendary El Mortal?

The El Mortal can be you!
The El Mortal is not a single person, but rather a series of fainthearted mortals that naively believe they can make a difference in the battle-of-the-worlds taking place around them. Much like the Dread Pirate Roberts, another hapless human will assume the mantle after their predecessor has perished. Often returning to the sites of their gruesome demise to heartlessly loot armaments from their soon-forgotten corpses.

All the players who have enlisted themselves into the El Mortal Tournament at the SPF Diablo2 forums will be known as the El Mortal and can act accordingly. Since there can be many El Mortal, there shall be no adjudication in the case of a tie.

What is the El Mortal Grail?
The El Mortal only equips himself with items of the lowest quality, obviously socketed only with El runes. The El Mortal grail consists of all perfect (low roll) unique items that have been socketed with El runes.

Boots, ranged weapons, gloves, jewelry and charms are not in the El Mortal’s interest since they cannot be socketed with El. Items with multiple open sockets must be socketed with all El runes.
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Nov 13, 2016

Erdenkinder has been handed his first unique item:

His elders found this ancient mace, which had been been discarded since the times of 1.07. They could barely keep a straight face, as they handed it to Erdenkinder. Korlic handed over a magical El rune, which he had found lodged into the bottom of his boot earlier that day. "Socket the morning star with this powerful rune" Madawc commanded. As he carefully placed the rune into the open socket, Erdenkinder looked on in amazement as his light radius was boosted ever further. The demon hoards will fear me, armed with this powerful new weapon, Erdenkinder thought. As he walked away, he could swear that he heard some snickering, but was too happy with his new acquisition to take notice.
Morning Star
One Hand Damage: 15 - 35
Durability: 19 of 72
Required Level: 15
Required Strength: 36
Fingerprint: 0x60311dda
Item Level: 90
Version: Expansion
+10% Increased Attack Speed
120% Enhanced Damage
50% Bonus to Attack Rating
+50 to Attack Rating
+150% Damage to Undead
+3 to Light Radius 1 Sockets (1 used)
Socketed: El Rune
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Erdenkinder (lvl 26) - Spider Forest
After a looong rest, Erdenkinder has continued his quest, bludgeoning his way through A2 with his trusty mace. To thank him for his heroics, Jerhyn awarded him this impressive plate mail, which he was able to finally equip in the jungles surrounding the Kurast docks.

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Boots, ranged weapons, gloves, jewelry and charms are not in the El Mortal’s interest since they cannot be socketed with El
That sentence means you can use non anti-perfect items on those slots, right? No restriction, can be sets/rare/magic ones?

The days after the RFL have passed, up to the point that my entry will be in D2R with forwarded items... 😅
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I was once collecting the anti-grail, but I stopped. Would have been great for this tournament, I suppose...maybe if my UT99er collects enough anti-perfect items, I'll reconsider participating :)

Some clarifications are needed though @D2DC:
1. Uniques with no variables to roll: Are they considered "worst roll"? (they are considered perfect for the perfect grail after all)
2. Only uniques in all slots? Or sets, too? (or like @Babyhell suggested: even magical etc.?)
3. What about on rolls on the non-socketable item slots? Do they have to be anti-perfect, too?
@Grisu @Babyhell
I just started this project to showcase some low roll/1.07 version uniques.

Technically, Zod God characters only had one Zod'd unique (wonder why?). So, you could make the argument that any character wielding an El'd anti-perf S/U would qualify as an El Mortal. However, a decked out hammerdin with an El'd Shako isn't really in the spirit of things.

If you wanted to make a competitive tournament of this, I suppose it should be point based. 1pt for each anti-perf/El'd used per act or something. Personally, I was/am trying to just showcase as many pitiful S/U and still make it through the game.

I even went for a Barb, with nothing "magical". Just plain old swing and hit skills like bash/stun.

But, to address your questions, here is how I am playing:
1. Yea, I'd allow myself to use a non-variable roll, but would intentionally try to use a different (worse) item. This would be kinda like a last resort/absolutely necessary to the build item.
2. Yea, I'd use sets/magical provided I put an El in them. Again, I'd try to feature terrible items. Like a 1.14 GC of Maiming or something.
3. Yep, if I'm gonna use S/U gloves or boots, they'll be anti-perf as well.

Everyone is free to make their own interpretations though. This isn't exactly a competition!

Well on my side I will handle it the easier way to have a run using uniques only.

I do have elite items with low rolls, and obviously fixed rolls, so I'm probably going with a blunt weapons theme, probably a Paladin, targeting Baranar in a Zealer Conviction or Avenger journey. Or a barbarian, I need one in D2R, whereas I can probably move a Pally there...
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