Easiest Untwinked SC Druid Build?


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Jul 25, 2008
Easiest Untwinked SC Druid Build?

Hey guys,

I'm wondering what your opinions are as to the best untwinked SC druid build?

The build won't be fully untwinked, but it will be effectively untwinked as I don't have anything great to twink it with.

The druid stuff I have available is:

Islestrike twin axe
Fleshrender barbed club
Earthshaker Battle Hammer
Dark Clan Crusher cudgel

None of these strike me as amazing items (all are from nightmare or below as I've never had a char. in hell), so thats why I'm asking for relatively untwinked advice. But in case if any of those items would change your answer, I list them.

By easy I mean:

-Can beat hell without dying every 2 seconds, but a few deaths are OK.
-Has decent kill speed in hell.
Re: Easiest Untwinked SC Druid Build?

Well, a druid isn't the best class to fulfill this need, but if it must be a druid then I'd have to suggest a windy or rabies druid. The rabies variant will be more difficult due to your melee presence; I've got a Guardian but the WSK literally took me 40 minutes with several near deaths and I was full twink. I haven't played a windy through, but I've read that they can get through untwinked - but they'll lack the soul-destroying offensive prowess of a sorc.

Would you consider a different class for your first stroll through hell? Perhaps a necro for a good mix of offensive and defensive skills?
Re: Easiest Untwinked SC Druid Build?

I did a fury/rabies and I can tell you even twinked it isn't the easiest (maybe it has something to do with no shield :p)
I guess do a windy if you must choose a druid. At least your resist will be taken care of.
Take my advice with a pinch of salt since I never tried a windy.
Re: Easiest Untwinked SC Druid Build?

Why didn't you use a shield on your rabies wolf? Surely Plaguebearer (unique exceptional long sword with +5 rabies) is the best weapon you can get for hitting with rabies.

If you're interested, my Rabies Druid Guardian thread is still available.
Re: Easiest Untwinked SC Druid Build?

My first character in SP (aka untwinked) was a Wind Druid. Loaded him with lots of MF and he did fine. I didn't even use RWM back then so no 'Spirit' (patted him with a Diggler). Mercenary was a Cold Rogue with Riphook. With Hurricane and a Grizzly minion and Cyclone Armor, I did not die much. Decent kill speed with safety, but it's hard to aim 'nados and levelling him up to 30 is a chore.
Re: Easiest Untwinked SC Druid Build?

I'm not so sure rabies will be the best option. Sure the LCS dmg looks impressive, but Rabies is so much more practical/powerful as a pvp skill. In pvm, I tend to compare it to a FoH pally in terms of killing speed and effectiveness.

You linked some melee weapons, which makes me think your leaning more towards a shape shifting druid. If that's the case, I would recommend, a fury/feral rage build.

This utilizes damage, health, and probably one of the more fun druid builds IMO.

Fury is a great damaging move, in that it's fast and uninterruptible (I believe, pallies are really more my cup of tea :thumbup: ). It's damage is easily boosted by both, heart of the oak, and A2 might merc.

Having enough HP to get through the game with minimal deaths is pretty important. The SS druid has that going for him, making it easy to get your HP bubble up and over the 2k range. Having feral rage up, keeps your HP bulb constantly maxed or replenishing.

Finally I think this build is very fun and satisfying. Something about charging into mobs with a giant red globe circling you, and not worrying about death, is just down right fun.

That's my two bits.

If your looking for any kind of druid though, I'd probably lean towards a windy as well. SS druids tend to be more item dependent.
Re: Easiest Untwinked SC Druid Build?

I personally lost my love for fury wolves after 1.09, I tried a 1.10 rebuild and couldn't finish the game (with better gear even). Also, you require a big hurty stick to kill stuff with (as you said, Zylo), and none of the listed weapons are up to finishing Hell.

I only mentioned the rabies druid because I made the same assumption as Zylo about you prefering melee over casters.
Re: Easiest Untwinked SC Druid Build?

I actually don't have any particular preference, I was just listing those items because they are the only druid items I have. I don't care if I don't use them at all.

I should mention, I do have an Insight, so with that on my merc maybe a windy would be the best option?

Although the fury/feral rage build sounds fun too!
Re: Easiest Untwinked SC Druid Build?

A beefed up bear, a cold or might merc and some elemental damage from volcano or poison from the vine is sufficient to finish hell. They wont kill fast... but they're able to kill just about anything. Toss on a chance to cast Amp Damage to deal with most physical immunes, and they'll make it without your help.
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