Dual Dream Enchantress

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Jul 27, 2009
Dual Dream Enchantress

I heard that they can reach over 100k damage. What equipment is necessary for that to happen and how much damage do they actually do?
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Dual Dream: You do a ton of damage via enchant and the level 30 lightning damage aura that the items stack. You need a dream helm (usually in a circlet) and a dream shield (Whichever item can take 3 sockets, least amount of str/dex required).

It does a lot of damage because lightning mastery synergizes (not really) Holy Shock (the aura) to produce some crazy sounding damage. Enchant, while it has a bugged tool tip, produces a good 10-20k extra damage when fully synergized. Together you can produce up to 100k damage per strike MAXIMUM, and usually around 10-20k MINIMUM.

My single dream sorc was hitting for about 20-45k per hit, so I can see how that extra dream can stack up.

The only other thing you have to worry about is the method of delivery, in other words, a weapon. You can literally use any weapon you want, most people choose kingslayer (I think? Zeal), Beast (bear), normal striking (I've heard everything from Azurewrath to Call to Arms), and ranged striking,
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Keep in mind that with melee weapons the lighting mastery will get applied twice but with ranged weapons it will only be applied once so you will deal much more damage in melee.
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Okay, so far this is what I have

Dream Bone Visage
Dream Troll Nest
Mara's Kaliedoscope
Passion Phase Blade
Chains of Honor Scarab Husk
Dracul's Grasp
Raven Frost x2
Virdungo's Hearty Coil
Marrow Walk
Sorc Torch

Level 20 Warmth
Level 28 Enchant
Level 28 Fire Mastery
Level 28 Lightning Mastery

So, here are my questions:

-What skill should I start sticking points on? Shiver/Chilling Armor, Get Energy Shield?

-Is there better equipment I should be using? (if so, what?)

-How do people get 100K? Do light gc's and prebuffing really add all that much?!?

-How important is max block? Right now I have put EVERY SINGLE STAT POINT into Vitality. Should I start adding some to Dexterity to increase my blocking rate? (If so, how much? Go to full 75% block?)

If you guys could answer, that would be great! :nod:
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dream circlet --> no str req
dream in tower shield --> lo str req
4 sox armour with 100 hp (best would be Gothic Plate ) --> 1 cham with 3 jools: 15ias/other nice mode, cant remember which
arach belt
nice sorc amu ( aka, 2 sorc 20 str 15 dex ( cant remember cap on dex on this amu ) 75% plr

max block is a must tbh :p

and my duel dream sorc had 55k dmg, and it was enough ^^

and as you guessed, it is duel dream with energy shield build.

best would be lighting skillers, because fire adds little damage compare to lighting damage from dream

other wise, wait for rickster to respond, because he is zealer sorc guru :p
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I wouldn't go ES tbh, even though you have the points. At least I wouldn't gear/stat for it. The reason is manaburn: you will have low fcr and be in the middle of the monsters most of the time, which will mean a lot of deaths with ES.

My dream equip (sorry for the pun...) would be as follows:

Dream helm (figure out how much +str you will have and choose the base accordingly)
Dream shield (likewise)
Guardian Angel armor Um'd (you can have gozu res with it, and block with Dream shield without spending 1000 dex. You also block much faster; without this you will go to block lock with Dream shield and die if you slip up)
CoA (yes, you heard me right. It has fhr, res and can be double-Ber'd for up to 31% dr)
Verdungo's belt (for another 15% dr -> you'll hit 50%)
Gloves with ias (could be crafted cb gloves maybe)
Highlords amu (for extra ias; can't remember the bps but you will need it)
Rare Triple-Resistance boots (you will need extra res to hit 95%)
Passion phase blade (for the Zeal)
Raven Frost ring (for ar, dex and cbf)
Godly Rare ring (10% fcr maybe although teleport is really nothing more than a convenience on this char and you should not gear for fcr; 20 str, 15 dex, 60 life, 90 mana)
Anni+Sorc Torch
Life/res charms
Light Skillers w/ life to boost LM
CtA+Lidless on switch (your BO will be very low even with +6 BO CtA, but there's no better use for this slot without ES)

Merc has Infinity in eth Tresher ofc + eth Forti Sacred and Eth Andy's with 30 fres/15 ias jewel. Defiance merc; if your shield, helm and boots are good enough, you can net over 7k def with this aura and a cold armor of your choice, which is nothing to sneeze at (over 40% less chance for enemies to hit). You may think all this safety is overkill, but sorcs are very fragile in melee and since you already got more than enough killing power, why not maximize safety? Apart from Uber Meph who is Light immune, you can take down Ubers with this build if you switch your gloves to Dracul's. Even with Lifetap you won't leech much though; this could be a problem.

Skillwise, this is the basic build:

20 lm
20 fm
20 warmth
20 enchant
Teleport + prereq

You could spend your 20 leftover points to get a weak Orb for non-breakable light immunes, but with your merc's godly physical dmg I wouldn't bother. I'd max Shiver Armor instead for its added defense bonus + the fact that it slows enemies when they start their swing, instead of when they hit you.

As for the dmg, be careful you don't cross the dmg limit! 80k+ something / frame, counted with Infinity I suppose; if you go over this limit, the damage rolls over and starts again from zero, meaning that if you hit for, say, 90k dmg, you only make 10k, which is a very bad thing obviously. Still, it's kinda nice to worry about having too much dmg instead of too little, every once in a while. :scratchchin: :jig:
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gear selection:

how can you wear CoA and dream helmet at same time?
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Still put a single point into ES, since you don't need your mana for anything else, and with maxed warmth it's a very nice buffer.

Last speed breakpoint is 65, so you need 40 ias beside 25 on passion. I use IK belt + gloves and an ias/res jewel in Guardian Angel for that.
Re: Dual Dream Enchantress

gear selection:

how can you wear CoA and dream helmet at same time?
Lol with my magic box ofc. :crazyeyes: Ok, so maybe staying up for 16 hours wasn't such a good idea... Or maybe writing that stuff after it wasn't. That throws the whole build off balance into very deep waters... Oh well, it did sound too good to be true in my head, and as with most things, turns out it was. I may try a rescue attempt later, right now I'm too tired (although that didn't stop me last time). :coffee:

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If I were to remake this as an ES Enchantress, where should I put my stats? 100 on Dex, 50 Vitality, and the rest on Energy?
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If I were to remake this as an ES Enchantress, where should I put my stats? 100 on Dex, 50 Vitality, and the rest on Energy?

there is no defenate amount of stats you can spend in your dex, block is related to shield + level.

vita: enough to have1k after bo and such ( i had 1.2k on my ES build, but that's due to awesome charms ) and rest into energy.

@ Greizer

i also some times put 2 items in same spot, usually it ends up with your brains being jammed from crap of the day, so i ll wait your repost ^^

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So, what would be a general minimum to put on dexterity? If possible I would like to add some in there before I reach level 70 (because waiting that long would be really annoying.) How many points could I put in there without being at risk of overshooting?

For example: If you usually end with ~140 dexterity (without items), then saying 100 would allow me to equip some of my items ahead of time, and still allow me to find the exact value later.
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There are many different variants to Dual Dreamers:

FB/Dual Dream
Blizz/Dual Dream
FO/ES Dual Dream
Enchant/Dual Dream
Max Block/ES/Dual Dream

Personally, I enjoyed the FB or Blizz variants and used them for mfing (Tals Armour/Belt/Ammy gives decent mf for boss running)
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With maxed warmth and hardly any mana requirement for your attack, a one-point es is a must. Just don't stat or gear around it
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