Dragon Claw Assassin?


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Dec 30, 2006
Dragon Claw Assassin?

I was wondering if Dragon Claw was still a good assassin skill. I had an assassin that focused on Phoenix Strike/DClaw in 1.09, but that's obviously a different story.

I'm mostly interested in the fact that any charge-up skills claim to be applied to each hit of Dclaw. What this means to me is that if I charge up Phoenix Strike, I'm assuming that the first claw will deliver the spell effect - i.e. the Chaos Ice Bolts or whatever, and the second claw delivers the elemental damage an extra time to whatever poor monster suffered a faceful of claws.

I know that Dtalon can potentially hit 5 times in quick succession delivering a load of Crushing Blow, but I thought that Dclaw would be more reliable (and more fun) overall.
Re: Dragon Claw Assassin?

if you look at arreat summit they have takeing down the charged-up skills applied for each hit...
so that wont work
but i have made a DClaw assa befor
she was great fun and good and very fast^^
Re: Dragon Claw Assassin?

It may not be 1.09, but PS + DClaw is still a pretty awesome build ;)

Dclaw's reliability is going to be based on the claw, which is why nat's is usually an option.

Comparing to talon, it'll come up short, but still a great skill with plenty of style points to boot.
Re: Dragon Claw Assassin?

true the PS +DClaw could be good but i found with my DClaw assa she killed realy fast prob too fast for PS to be realy needed and useing BoS the 5fps is realy easy to get (well it gets you realy close :p)
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