DR%, defense/attack rating question


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Jan 1, 2006
DR%, defense/attack rating question

What is the cap for physical damage reduction % in hell for PvM, is it 50% like in PvP? I remember it used to be 75% a long time ago. Also since amplify damage does -100% DR and decrepify does -50% DR is it worth it to wear more than the cap?

What is the maximum amount of attack rating and defense I would need for any monster in hell?

Also is there a wiki that shows all the formulas and mechanics for everything in the game? I know of Draco and Co. statistics guide but that does seem to show everything, and might be outdated.
Re: DR%, defense/attack rating question

The DR cap is indeed 50%, both for PvM and PvP, it was 75% in 1.09 but they changed it with 1.10 and has stayed that way since. About the AR/defense, since the formula for the chance to hit is dependent on your char level and the monster's level there's no good answer I'm afraid.
Re: DR%, defense/attack rating question

If you have more than 50% DR, it will have an effect when being amped or decrepped, but I don't think it's worth overstacking.

For information about attack and defense rating, see the Strategy Compendium. A link is in my sig.
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