Doom vs. BoTD for Merc


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Sep 13, 2006
Doom vs. BoTD for Merc

I'm a BlizzBaller and have an act2 "Holy Freeze" merc. Will the aura from Doom stack on top of his natural one? I'm attracted to the -% cold resistance and life leech. That has me rethinking what he's using currently.

Any of you out there have tried both and can give a real-life perspective?
The aura on Doom will NOT stack with the natural one on merc, and the -% cold resistance will NOT apply to your cold skills. The -% cold resistance is only used when the merc makes a cold-based attack.
thanks for the responses
Get an Insight on a Prayer merc, please. Huge life regeneration and skillful playing will keep you alive better than Holy Freeze will.

Emphasis on skillful playing, mind you. If you're sloppy with your teleporting and positioning, you'll be hurting more than you want to. If you're flawless with positioning and evasive teleporting, you'll never die and never need Health Potions ever again.

Otherwise, Doom works great on either a Might or Defiance merc. Defiance turns him into a huge tank, very hard to topple in melee combat... and gives you a better chance of survival if overwhelmed too.
Several ways to go:

HF Merc with Infinity = Deadly
HF Merc with Infinity/Bramble = Almost Godly

Prayer doesn't work as fast as it should.. I tried it and HF works better to control the crowd, being a BlizzBall Sorceress you need some crowd control since your main attack (Blizzard) is timed and restricted to one place (although powerful). Thorns can be achieved using the bramble armor.

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