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Jul 22, 2003

Hello me again, with another lame question.

After my first pat after restart (Fishymancer). I got bored with him and made a Fishyzon (LF FA).

I'm in Durance of hate on my way to kill hell Meph. And as you know those annoying little !@#$%^& dolls are killing me. Literally. I have ~850 life 50% blocking and if one of those suckers explodes it damages me over 600 life. 2 dolls = death.

So how to counter this?
What kind of damage is their death explosion.? Fire, Physical?

Also I noticed that my merc couldn't care less about explosions. He doesn't sustain any damage. So for now i settled for avoiding dolls and let merc handle them. That's slowing me down.

OK couple more questions while I'm at it.
2) My LF dmg is sort of low 1-830. My LF is lvl 23 and CS also 23. I guess that just needs more +skills
3) Charged strike is OK and kills fine larger monsters. But when I have to face a "thin" high HP monsters such as vampires (those that cast Meteor) CS is very inefficient. Most of the bolts end up hitting the wall behind the monster. This seems to be weak spot of this build.
Re: Dolls

IIRC, doll damage is fire and physical, the latter part of which can be blocked.

LF Damage might be low, but think about it. You throw one javelin, it shoots piercing bolts of lightning to surrounding monsters, the javelin pierces, it sends even more piercing bolts of lightning to surrounding monsters, it pierces again... etc. The damage tallies up quite fast.

Even "thin" monsters should still get hit by some of the bolts, just have to smack them a couple more times. Otherwise try to group them with other monsters and chuck LF.
Re: Dolls

Thank you for the answers. My fire resists are actually pretty good around 60. Those dolls must really have high damage.

Lightning Fury would be way cooler if the bolts that split off would split again :)
Re: Dolls

The dolls are easy if you put a point in Decoy. Cast the decoy ahead of you, then if there are dolls in range they will crowd around the decoy. Toss an LF or two and they're dead. If you don't have a point in Decoy, just quickly back away from them and LF them before they catch up to you.

The vampires do take a bit longer to kill with CS, but if your resists are decent they're not too dangerous. Poke 'em 'til they die and move on.

More +skills will certainly help you, but LF's damage still looks lower than other skills. My WSK runner's LF does 1-1454 damage with skill level 31 LF/CS. That's not a big number, but the key is the huge number of bolts that gets released when you LF with a lot of monsters around (and pierce multiplies the effect, as Serdash mentioned). It's a cool skill in that the more monsters you face, the faster it kills.
Re: Dolls

these dolls are pain in the ***. they nearlly kill even my hammerdin. just try not to kill a lot of them at the same time, but i think it is hard to do with LF so let the moron kill them. It is slow but better than being dead.

Other than that, maybe more life and DR could work. Shako and ears might be used.
Re: Dolls

Bone Fetish death explosions apply 100% physical damage within a 3 1/3 yard radius in all difficulty levels.

Death damage is calculated using the maximum base non-Ladder hit-points of a normal Bone Fetish, so it doesn't increase as the player count increases. The death damage of Champion and Unique Bone Fetishes and their minions is calculated using the maximum base non-Ladder hit-points of a normal Bone Fetish of their level. Below is the death damage of all Bone Fetishes in Durance of Hate Levels 1-2 in Hell:

Normal                83   280.5-468   561-936
Champion              85   291.0-486   582-972
Unique + minions      86   296.5-495   593-990
Crit applies so there's 5% chance that death damage will be doubled. Death damage won't be enhanced by Might or Fanaticism, but being cursed with Decrepify or Amplify Damage will increase damage by decreasing Damage Resist %.

Death explosions can be blocked, and an Amazon's Avoid and Evade are effective. Point and percentage damage reduction will both reduce damage, as will a Necromancer's Bone Armour and a Sorceress' Energy Shield.
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