DOH! and yay at the same time


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Jul 25, 2003
DOH! and yay at the same time

I sold a 3os 198def troll nest, which was worth a mal, to akara. I left the game without knowing it till my friend told me its price.

Then, I went mfing and found a 14 all res jewel, 15ias jewel, a 7mfsc, and a rare elite voulge.

I gave the small stuff away to friends, but my godly elite voulge stayed :)

it had the following worthy mods:

72-706 damage
dual leech
but, it had a steep str req of 210!!!!
gonna hel that bad boy. I wish that voulge was eth so bad.
I've probably sold a lot of stuff that was actually worth more than 35,000 gold from Akara, but o well.

Well the heck? Unique hydra bow... probably just junk.

*breaks it over knee and proceeds to floss teeth with the string*
Don't even talk to me about selling valuable items...
*Tries to remember how many 7%MFSC which were actually sold to Akara*
In 09 I accidentally sold the 198ed Buriza my zon was using to Larzuk. He was so grateful he refused to sell it back to me.
That punk Larzuk has mocked me many a time with his Jeweler armors of Whale and their priceness... :grrr:
Larzuk was my best friend until I tricked him into selling me a 29x% CCBoQ in 1.09 (I was actually looking for echoing weapons between Pindle runs, not knowing that Anya sells echoing glaives as well - thank god, after all). It cost 410k gold. I had to call a friend at 1 AM to give me some money or whatever would enable me to buy that weapon without resetting his inventory (which I wasn't sure about and I wasn't in a mood to make any experiments in that situation).

Oh, he just put one socket into it. That's what I meant with "He WAS my best friend"...
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