Does this count as a d2 dream?


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Feb 28, 2005
Does this count as a d2 dream?

The dream didn't really have anything to do with d2 ... untill a sur dropped when a guy opened some chest-thing ... but that never happens in d2 anyway, so it doesn't count right? :laugh:
When you shop for clothes, are you the kind of guy that ask how many sockets you'll get on the shirt ? And when you shop for running shoes, do you ask what the % faster run/walk on them ?

I would strongly recommand a visit to the medical clinic... but dont ask them for full rejuv plz !

na, I dont shop clothes they just have crappy magics, mostly going around gambling, might find some good rares. Since I want max damage on my boots I always wear heavy ones, I can tele so frw isn't that important. At the hospital I just kiss that akara (looks kind of strange but she's still cute in her white outfit) and get full health, you see fullrejuvs taste awful and you get this wizzy feeling:dizzy:

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