Does MF increase rate of charm drops?

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Nov 5, 2006
Does MF increase rate of charm drops?

In the viewpoint of the programmer, it would be an interesting to allow increasing amounts of MF give you more charms as well, for that would give you an exponential way of gaining even more MF; more MF = even more MF gear.

However, it would take extra lines of code to place this in so I am assumming that there is no such additional calculation when determining whether an item will turn out to be magic, rare, set, or unique.
In a way yes and no

iirc more mf means more chance of a gheeds but won't increase the chance for normal charms
That would be kind of fun if a set had a charm as part of it, with mods not normally found on one. "Cathan's Charm, 2% mana stolen per hit" or something.
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